Friday, 19 December 2008

Old Year Resolutions

Well, I was going to start this blog in the new year, but I have been making lots of things and photographing them so I thought I may as well get on with it!

I haven't managed to keep a diary this year at all, despite having a very handsome one in my Christmas stocking last year. I thought this blog might be a good way of diarising the forthcoming year. And hey, no one even knows I'm here yet...

So, secret diary, I really like making things. Yesterday I made some lavender bags to give as gifts - three in the shape of Babushka dolls pictured here, the others (not shown) were a pair of pears and a sequined shelled snail. I sewed them by hand, and they are all a little bit wonky, but that is the nature of (my) handmade work. I try not to mind too much, although I do strive for perfection. Sigh.

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Naomi Devlin said...

I love my wonky babushka. x x x