Monday, 19 January 2009

Bird day! Better Late Than Never...

Is it still Monday? Well it is here for a little while longer. Mondays are going to be Bird Day from now on, when I will post a favourite bird, be it illustration, ceramics, jewellery, photographs or actual little birdies, there will be something beautifully birdlike to feast your eyes upon.

So, today we're starting with some wonderful illustrations from a children's book I found in a charity shop a while ago, the book is called Long Ago and Faraway Stories published in the early 1960s with stories such as The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Boy.

It was illustrated by Bill and Bonnie Rutherford whose drawing style is so energetic, joyful and vibrant, both in colour and black & white. Really there are so many amazing illustrations to choose from and I feel sure we'll be back in amongst these pages before long, but these three are my favourites.

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