Monday, 26 January 2009

Bird Day Number 2

Here we are again - the start of a new week. We're all a bit tired (me) and overwrought (Iris). It was a lovely busy weekend, but the repercussions of a very late night and catching Iris's cold has left me feeling as though a period of hibernation would be just the ticket.

So, I have chosen a very simple bird for today's post. I love the distilled simplicity of its shape and how, even on a grey nondescript January day like today, this little glass bird seems to hold a beam of golden light and warmth.


copperseal said...

my mother owns the same bird in blue.

lovely blog :)

nath said...

Hey there,

Thank you for leaving such sweet comments!

I see we have a shared love of Edouard Boubat, you have some beautiful photographs on your blog, I'll be calling back to take a look.