Monday, 23 February 2009

Sunday Finds and Blackbirds

Here are my finds from yesterday's carboot sale - it was really all about Iris, but I must say I'm enjoying that wind-up horse just as much (if not a little bit more) as she is.

A Wind-up Horse - I suddenly have something approaching a drove or string of vintage horses (see here for a fascinating list of collective nouns for animals).

This horse is wonderfully prance-y and quite realistic, so much so that Iris clutched her slice of honey cake all the more tightly as horsey clippety clopped across the table toward her.

Three Tin Cars - these might find themselves on a grown-up shelf if Iris doesn't pay close attention. I heart them all.

A Number 11 London Bus (not actual size) - Well, quite right, London IS the ace place. Especially to us country mice.

A pot for utensils - More graphic abstract linear flowers. Another theme developing...

A lovely book published in 1978 - Yok-Yok The Blackbird and Three Other Stories. Such beautiful illustrations, we have a thing for blackbirds in our house.

And here's another little blackbird especially for Monday!


Mulot said...

Little and pretty things - Nice nice nice !!! - Nath I will installe a google translater in my blog just for you ... but you can use english, I understand ( but i make spelling mistakes - sorry) Nice to meet you !

nath said...

Oh! You're so sweet! That would be lovely.

Your English is so very much better than my French that's for sure!

Nath X

Mulot said...

It's installed - click on the english flag ! =^^= a french fan hihihi) !

Francesca said...

i love all your finds nath, especially the horse, what a great collection.
yes it is blue day today over at mrs eliot books. thanks for stopping by.

nath said...

Mrs Eliot

Thank you for your kind words! That horse was such a find.

I'm looking forward to a Friday saturated with all shades of blue...