Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

As Autumn is slowly but surely wending its way over here, my thoughts have turned to what I'm going to wear, especially now I have a new haircut. So when I read this description below by Miss Hearse on the wonderful Hiss and Hearse blog, my pulse quickened and my heart beat a little faster at the possibilities...

'I am thinking layers: vintage coats, the perfect black trench (which is a constant search of mine), velvet blazers, and secretary blouses under sweaters, antique brooches, paired with knitted tights and cute cone heels.'

Yes, Miss Hearse, I certainly think you're onto something there.

Then, I had a poke around the archives of the Lyell site (found via Verhext - which is wonderful inspiring in itself) for some inspiration.. And found plenty to get even more excited about..


Oh so pretty blouses..

Fall 05 - (!) Still looks pretty good to me!

I really want a high-waisted wool skirt similar to the one above. I am thinking (hypothetically) about making one, but, but, it probably wouldn't turn out that well. I am so impatient and end up cutting corners. So if anyone spies one on their fashion travels, let me know, eh?

I also favour Rhiannon's blog for a reliable fashion fix whatever the season. She always finds such wonderful vintage things and looks pretty amazing in them for that matter. She pointed me in the direction of lewisnyc - so pretty and elegant. I love it. I'm going to try hard to be thrifty this Autumn and rework some of the things I have in my own wardrobe. Well, a girl can dream, eh?

What will you be sporting this Autumn and what's been inspiring you? It'd be great to discover some more fashion-y blogs and labels so fill me in!


littlebyrd said...

Great post Nath! It has me excited for fall fashion :) I always end up in my same uniform it seems, but I like it :)
I like jeans with boots and cashmere, dresses with sweaters or thermals underneath and boots and tights. I have a few great coats, woolen blazers, and a ton of scarves.

Amanda Nicole said...

I am in desperate need of an autumn shopping spree! I think a new haircut will have to be planned as well. I'm thinking of a lot of oversized knit tops, woolly tights, fun dresses, and some good all-purpose boots. Sigh.

Leigh said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait for fall. A friend of mine bought this high waisted skirt on etsy and loves it, and it looks amazing on her. With the exchange rate, it's quite a deal. And it's lined! She has them in different fabrics as well.

Flora May said...

Blouses. I definitely need more blouses in my life. And they fill that slightly odd gap between the end of summer and the start of proper misty chilly leaf-kicking autumn so nicely. And you can wear a little cardy over the top and still see a pretty collar fluttering jauntily in the breeze.

Thanks for the inspiration x

Meaghan Kelly said...

awww secretary blouses with sweaters sounds perfect!
i'm dreaming of peter pan collars and bow ties to be honest! and wool tights too!
you should definitely try to make your own version of the skirt! i'm sure you'll be wildly successful! :D

isn't that lewis collection perfection!

Laura said...

Yes great post indeed, I too am now lusting after a high waisted skirt.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute, thank you for the mention! Yes, layers are my goal! I've always been a fan of the secretary blouse, just want to see if I can do more with them this year!

Blushing over here,

read me... said...

Lylle is the most beautiful shop.. It is tiny but oh so perfect. The clothes are to die for.

read me... said...

oops... Lyell!!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Love love Lyell, I *think* it's on the same street as this beautiful restaurant, Elizabeth. xx