Monday, 3 August 2009

Oh, It's A Jolly Holiday

It's time for a little holiday I think. A holiday from my beloved blog as I fear we are spending too much time together.

And so I can clear my desk literally (there are leaning shaky towers of books and paperwork all over it) and metaphorically (my to-do list grows ever longer and I don't feel like I'm ticking things off, which, surely is the point of making a to-to list in the first place), I'm going to be quiet for a little while.

We've got a couple of trips away planned, nowt fancy, just some time under canvas, with good friends and the odd day-trip here and there. I also want to concentrate on getting some plates ready for the shop, start gathering some ideas for a screen printing course I'm doing in the autumn (super-exciting) and perhaps, even, get out my sewing machine.

No doubt, I'll be back before I know it, unable to resist, but until then, here's a look at a few more recent acquisitions...

Milk white glass beads.

Some great badges.

A sail boat.

Cocktail forks. Essential, I know.

Pattern Shapes, a game with 186 (count 'em) coloured pattern shapes. Sort of for Iris, sort of for me.

A Caran D'Ache Crayon tin. Sadly empty. But the tin was too lovely to leave behind.

A Dick Bruna Picture Word Book.

And New Stitches For Needlecraft. I must master Diminishing Pekingese, but it looks totally bewildering, perhaps I'd fare better with Long Legged Chevron?

Chaos close-up...

Happy summer friends!

*p.s.* the summer sale over at the shop will continue so I can hopefully make way for some new stock! P
ut this code in - lepetitsale at the checkout for your 20% off and that's it.


Conversation Pieces said...

Have a lovely blog holiday – looking forward to seeing your new plates when you return :)

Love the badges too x

Kylie said...

Have a good break, Nath. essential to recharge the batteries every so often. Love your fabulous finds :) K

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Enjoy your break nath - LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! Can I reserve the badges ???

Rebecca said...

love the sailboat, its too cute! have a lovely blogiday (see what I did there? although I don't know if it works...)

Clare said...

ooo I wish I had the dicipline to do this. I waste far too much of my time not doing my to-do list.
Seeing that Dick Bruna book has brought back lots of memories.

Looking forward to seeing all your new items when you come back... have a lovely break!

nevin said...

A sail boat is my favorite one. I just love it. Have a nice break..

artemis said...

I love those badges!
Have a lovely holiday(s)!

Hannah said...

Good plan. I hope its lovely. It certainly sounds very nice indeed!

I cant wait to see the plates- its been like a full on campaign from conversation pieces!!! So excited!

littlebyrd said...

the sailboat + beads = love :)
Enjoy your quiet time.

Flora May said...

Oh yes, a well-earned break I'd say.

I am also very excited by your upcoming screen printing course - and can't wait to see the results. I've been hankering after a course myself (either linocutting or illustration...just for the fun of it really), but it will have to wait a couple more years I fear.

Emerson Merrick said...

i spy little house in the big woods in that stack. love love love!

Francesca said...

such lovely bits and bobs as usual. great news about the screenprinting course. v jealous. have a lovely summer. x

Fine Little Day said...

Love the pattern shapes game!