Monday, 28 September 2009

Bootsale Bibliophile

A big haul of books marked the end of one of my favourite carboot sales this past weekend, until next spring anyhow. Never fear, of course, there's one on all the year round as well, and for that I say, phew.

Anyway lots of lovely books for our groaning shelves. And a few other things as well.

A nice old Miffy book. Deborah over at Kickcan and Conkers did a great post about Dick Bruna today. Of course now, I want a wall of Dick Bruna covers. She always posts such treats!

I already have the Tell Me A Story for the under fives so it was extra nice to find this one, next in the series.

Two more Teddy Robinson books.

A tiny book of Lady and the Tramp. Iris watched this recently and really liked it, and I have a soft spot for it because we got a puppy when I was small and I named him - Tramp - as I was reading the book at the time.

Two gloriously bright wooden puzzles, we had fun today doing the bird one! The circus one has a tiny and vital piece missing (the acrobat's face), but the box is so lovely, it might be worth framing it instead.

A sweet and velvety patchwork cushion. I have hopeful aspirations toward patchwork this winter. Maybe a little cushion is a good place to start.

And finally, Iris wore her new katvig tights the other day. They're about the most cheery thing ever.


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Glad you like the Bruna post nath - you're right, how can you possibly resist a wall full of vintage Bruna book covers? I love the ghosts and the cats and ...
Those Katvig tights look great fun.

a mouse said...

soooooo cute! :)
i love the little stripey tights sticking out!
ha ha ha looks like youve caught a fairy! ♥

Clare said...

as ever a wonderful hoard!
I was obsessed with Miffy when I was younger, the illustrations are lovely.
Which car boot sales do you go to?

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Fabulously cheering tights, and quite a good book stash, too. I loved Miffy when I was little. xx

Claire said...

These are wonderful!

please sir said...

Ohh flashback to all these wonderful books!

Francesca said...

beautiful as ever. i love katvig. isi has grown out of his favourite shorts - they will have to wait for gus now. great wriggly legs picture. x

St├ęphanie said...

So cute !

artycho said...

I am a katvig fan!