Monday, 7 September 2009

Mrs Fox's Wedding

This is one of the books I found at the weekend (more on the rest of the haul later), called Mrs Fox's Wedding. It tells the tale of Mrs Fox who has lost her husband and is understandably distraught as he had nine bushy tails and a coat of deep red with stockings to match. Now many fine gentlemen come to call on the pretty Mrs Fox but not one of them will do, will she ever find another love to match her first?

It is illustrated by Errol Le Cain who also illustrated this book which I love. His style is so rich and full of wonderful detail, you can linger for ages on any one page. So now, I feel a definite Errol Le Cain obsession coming on. I hope I come across more of his work on my travels. You can look at some more of his work here or here.

Beautiful bushy tailed foxes on the frontispiece.

A portrait of the original and lamented Mr Fox.

The grieving widow. I love her dress and the echoing style of the drapes.

News of a new suitor is brought to Mrs Fox.

Juggling fails to impress.

Just look at the exquisite stockings and shawl.

A capering goat comes to call.

Then a handsome stag...

Sadly sent home..

Then a fox! But he only has one tail. Alas.

Then over the next few days, foxes with two, three, four and more tails begin to call.

And on the ninth day? Why a fox with nine tails of course!

And Mrs Fox found her new love.

The End.


Jane O Sullivan said...

yep , me too , errol le cain , what a boy :) ....
I have sleeping beauty and I think beauty and the beast , fantastical and those links you gave are very interesting too.
thanks for sharing .

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was amazing and so pretty... Glad I was drinking my bedtime peppermint tea while reading this. You should so do a Nath's bedtime stories blog!

littlebyrd said...

I love the illustrations in this one!

Flora May said...

funny and odd and beautiful - my all time favourite combination! I shall also be stalking M. Le Cain from now on...

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find the name of this book for years!! I read it as a child and loved it, especially the illustrations.
What a fantastic book. I love children's books :)