Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Birthday Wishes

(Paul took this on my birthday about 6 years ago, it's one of the only photographs of myself that I like. and then I read the footnote on one of Garance Dore's posts and laughed in grim recognition.)

So, yeah it's my birthday on Saturday. Ergo, I am a Scorpio. And I will be 35 years old. Eep! 35 seems quite a milestone, it sounds terribly grown-up.

Anyway, I have been promised chocolate biscuits, ice cream and balloons by my sweet Iris.

But of course I want far more than that, I've had a birthday list on the go since about September...

Any Dr Hauschka goes down well.

Some new books, in particular, Nick Cave's new novel and also Sarah Water's latest. And any tome from this lovely series, but of course the one on Scandinavian Style would be most welcome.

A Diana.

Um, ooh, I'd love a new bag, either a Fjallraven or one of these beautiful satchels (via here).

Some wool tights.

This print

These long woolen socks are rather fancy.

Some skinny cords - always a good winter staple.

I could go on...

I will go on - stay with me..

Some delicious fun stationery from Lazy Oaf! The Happy Friends tape!

Some of my favourite notebooks, in an assortment of sizes. Oh Rhodia! I used to be able to buy then from a local-ish post office quite randomly, but now I can't.

So, that's about it. Well, of course, it's not at all, but this is all extremely self-indulgent and frivolous anyway. Thanks for indulging me.


TheMadHouse said...

Happy Birthday, 35 isnt all that bad, I can tell you from experiance. I hope the day brings you joy and all you may wish for

Erika said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be 35 in a few weeks to and I totally agree about it sounding very grown up. Gotta get some wool tights!

Fine Little Day said...

35, oh you are young ;)
Happy happy birthday good lookning Nath!

Laura said...

Yes you look lovely in this photo, but you also look lovely in real life. And I should know!
Plus you're a birthday list girl, yay! I too have lists and actually as I pointed out to my mother it is a vey thoughtful thing to do. Without them people get into allsorts of trouble.
Particularly loving the yellow satchel, think that may be making the Christmas list.

Happy , Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Margaret said...

That's such a wonderful photo. So lovely. 35 sounds so sophisticated and mature. Embrace it! I like your birthday list!

Leigh said...

Happy pre-birthday! I don't like too many pictures of myself either. And your birthday list looks like mine, though my birthday is nowhere near, really it's just a list of things I'd like. Maybe for Christmas. And 35. I'd much rather go forward than backward myself. I'd take 35 over 25 any day. Hope it's a great one!

Chapter 9 said...

Oh no, 35 is good, and not at all grown up!!
Now 36; that's scary :{

Lovely photo, beautiful warm colours :)

And YES! You must have a Diana - but get hubby to check out e-bay - I got mine for £20! and I absolutely LOVE it.

Have a fantastic day.

VestedBeeVintage said...

I can't wait to be 35 cause I know I'll be smarter & wiser than that I am now.... well I hope! Sooo you're 2 years wiser than meeeee! Happy Early Birthday!

artemis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your birthday list, think we must have similar tastes!

I dont like many pictures of myself either, i got a ugly nose and a really wonkey face, one side looks really different from the other, and as Im used to the reflection in the mirror, Im always shocked to see what everyone else sees!

But like my mum says, when I say i hate my nose "you should be grateful that you've got a nose" Arn't mums the best at making you feel better?!

artemis said... look great in you photo by-the-way! XX

Amy said...

Lovely you! And happy birthday! You will weather it just fine. It ain't so bad, really. Now, forty? I'll let you know!

Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you get lots of goodies from your list!

read me... said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, there are so many things on my wish list that are on yours and my birthday isn't until May... Have a great, great day. Happy birthday!!

PS you can't go wrong with the satchel, I LOVE mine!

faerie finder said...

oh happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
im just about the same age you are :)
i hope all of your wishes come true
and you get everything on that list! hehehe
xoxo ♥ xoxo

Naomi Devlin said...

happy birthday for saturday, hope you had a good one!

Annie said...

happy birthday, fall is a good time to celebrate being alive!hope you had a great chocolate biscuit weekend!

Natalie said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday - such lovely little requests -may they all come true!

littlebyrd said...

Oh! Happy (belated) Birthday Nath! I laughed so much too on the footnote. I hope your day was so special and that your received some goodies from your your fab list that you wrote ;)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Hope you got everything you want. Also, you look beautiful!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Happy happy birthday!

(I know I'm late, but I feel that celebrations and happy wishes should last at least 4 days either side of a birthday)

artycho said...

Oh no! I missed your birthday!!! Well I still wish you all the best 35 is great (I am one of them too)