Thursday, 11 February 2010

Efforts in Time Wasting and Treats and Books

I am rather obsessed with arranging things on my desk in colour order.

This is masterful time wasting as I'm sure you'll agree.

I am still feeling rather rudderless, not sure what to concentrate on, where to best put my efforts. I need (rather plainly) to make some (more) money. Any ideas gratefully received.

Maribeth from Lovely World sent me this parcel chock-full of treats.

I had quite forgotten that we had agreed to do a swap, (it's okay Maribeth, my memory is fully jogged now!)- another example of the kindness of strangers.

I have started putting together a return parcel for Maribeth, hopefully she'll show it on her blog when she gets it.

Lastly, twiddling my thumbs waiting for carboot sale season to start again, so I bought few second-hand books for Iris from Amazon.

Like this one. Seasons by Alice and Martin Provensen.


Laura said...

Masterful! There's a little obsession I see going on there Nath. Can you please send some of that organising bug my way. Can't seem to get motivated today and I have loads to do. I must admit to loving a good collection shot. Particularly love the light and shadows in the colourful one. And what a package! Sending you a big hug. Love Laura x

TheMadHouse said...

I know what you mean about ruddlerless and it is hard, when mojo goes it just well, goes. I think a good old charity shop day is required!!

mise said...

Admirable! How about arranging your CDs in colour order next? It's very satisfying, though not very lucrative. And then your books. And then it'll be teatime, and you'll sit down and read that book happily with Iris in your perfectly ordered haven, and tomorrow will be another day.

Lovely World said...

So glad the package arrived safely and hopefully it brought some cheer. I know what you mean about feeling rudderless creatively. Something good always comes up, but the transition time is hard. I have made "mental maps," writing down all my ideas, even the crazy ones, in a graphic way. Sometimes that helps.

Flora May said...

Oh it's all part of the creative process,, probably.

Anyhoo - plates are all fired now - pretty good success rate too! Come round soon!

read me... said...

I wish I had such a cute way to spend my wasted time... mine is usually spent on the sofa with some sort of rubbish TV program which I don't actually watch but can't miss a second of... oops, where'd the day go? Cute book too!

Three Owls said...

aaahh....the productive procrastination...first signs are always that my dishes are done and the floor is swept...meanwhile the pile on the cutting table never seems to get visited by those elves one reads about...hmm.

at swim-two-birds said...

I think i spend 90% of my free days in rudderless pastime, there was i time i felt very embarrassed about it, i desperately wanted a result at the end of the day.
Now i don't care anymore, in fact i'm sure everybody need those time-wasting moments, they are so relaxing and of course part of the ceative process, don't feel guilty about it!
by the way, i like your arranged collections:-)

mama bear said...

Oooh I love the brown collection. Where is the doggie purse from? It's so sweet. Thanks for sharing your arrangements, it doesn't count as being time wasteful if you photograph them for your blog :)
Anna x
PS. I love Dagoba chocolate... yum.

sewspun said...

Nice color collections! We have that same book at our library.

Alex said...

I'm desperate for car boot season to start too! Charity shops, junk fairs and markets just aren't the same after a while, are they?

HannahB said...

oh wow i love your colourful photographs- totally appeals to my ocd tendencies!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Ohhh, such lovely arrangements. I want more! And I might have a go at it myself at some point (when I get organised). xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello miss nath :)
I often think how you are and as the above ladies have said ...obsessive colur arangements are totally legite part of the creative process...
keep it coming you are doing great x

オテモヤン said...


Fine Little Day said...

Your collections are great Nath! The brown one is my big favorite :)