Tuesday, 16 February 2010

getting bryter

Well, in a manner of speaking. It may be grey and rainy but a small corner of my studio continues to be filled with bright bright colour. Perhaps I will do as Flora and Anna have suggested and get some big glossy prints made (er, how? where? - does anyone know?)

The green one below made it to the front page of Explore on Flickr! WHOO!

I also include a photograph of my darling Iris, can you see she's in a ferocious grump?

We had some friends over for lunch and a play yesterday and she found it quite hard at times to share and compromise, and so
this led to many mini explosions. She's a feisty one and no mistake. I do admire her forthrightness (it'll stand her in good stead in life no doubt) but golly it can be tricky at times.

Also I need a haircut. I like this one.

Her name is Angie and not only does she have great hair, she also designs beautiful jewellery and amazing clothes too. Found via Super Duper Things who also has a very cool haircut and a nice line in making beautiful things too.

I can hear an owl hoot-hoot-hooting so it's time to turn out the light (blogging in bed).. sweet dreamzzzzzzzzzz....


corine @ hidden in france said...

I really like those color compositions. How do you managed to make them look just like you?

mama bear said...

Oh the yellow one is now my favourite alongside the brown! Anna x

Annie said...

I think you should get them printed up too.

I buy prints from two places, both equally as good.

http://www.dscolourlabs.co.uk/ is really easy to use and costs £1.04 for an A3 size print (I think) or an A4 print is 55p. You have to pay postage on top of that, but it's not much. The prints are great quality. Takes between 2 and 5 days to deliver.

If you want them in a hurry then use http://www.photobox.co.uk/ I've ordered prints from here before 2pm and they've arrived the next day! Again, good quality and these are a bit more expensive, but an A4 is about £1.00 (I think)

Good luck :)

artemis said...

beautiful colour arrangements Nath!

and i agree, it always good to have a bit of strop in life!!

TheMadHouse said...

I have a child or too, just like yours, the grump in the house is me this morning. Not looking foward to swimming, which is bad, as I have to go with them both

Noshii said...

love ur little color collection!!! wonderful ephemera!!!

Fine Little Day said...

Ah more great collections. Both of them, but the yellow one!

HannahB said...

Hi nath! Your colour photos are enchanting everyone!

Thanks for letting me use one of your images- i posted it today!


HannahB said...

NATH- SERIOUSLY SO SORRY- I thought id seen somewhere that that was your artists name or something.oh DEAR!

*shuffles sheepishishly away*

Flora May said...

Now, I'd love to know where you propose to get a decent haircut like that round these parts. Seriously. I've had sooo many duffs. If you can point me in the right direction I'll be more than ecstatic.

Your colour collections seem to be taking the nation by storm! See what procrastinating can lead to...if only my time wasting had such excellent results.

It was Lyme in those pics, by the way. It never fails to cheer.

Francesca said...

just love the fact that you said 'golly'.

Lovely World said...

As a mother, it is hard for me to imagine wearing one of those feathery necklaces. Can you imagine the shape it would be in at the end of the day?! She is very lovely, though!

la casita said...

Great collections, I like the yellow one a lot but that's because I really like yellow :)

kindra said...

super great hair!

I have a three year old too who quite spiky and hilarious. it's hard to believe they can have so much attitude:)!

lakhsmita indira said...

"in a manner of speaking" sounds like a song by Nouvelle Vague :))

pennycones said...

Thank you for your well wishes for Edie.

Aw bless Iris. Her little face tells a story.

Well Angie's hair is fantastic. You should go for it!!