Monday, 8 March 2010

Sweet Vintage Dresses

Here I am, again, starting a post with a thank you. All of the comments on my last (difficult but cathartic) post were so wonderful and kind and thoughtful and well, amazing really, how could I not say it? So, a very big and heartfelt thank you to you. I am feeling much better, much stronger this week, I'm sure it helped me to share.

So, let's go back to the regular way of things. I recently found this pair of vintage girls dresses, one at the regular Saturday market and one at a wonderful (I went round and round and round it for ages, on my own, heaven) rag market.

This blue smocked one is a bit too small for Iris, but it sort of works as a longish top.

It may come into its own as the weather warms up, oh and if Iris stops growing. Hmmm. The details on it are exquisite, lovely tiny covered buttons and silk thread loops to hold them in place.

The pale apricotty one is luscious silk (and in desperate need of an iron) and I am fervently wishing it was my size.

The scalloped collar! The tiered bottom! The teeny tiny buttons! Iris hasn't even tried it on yet, mainly because I immediately put it on a hanger and hung it up so I could stare longingly at it. And because silk + three years olds? Not the most compatible mix.

I have lots of other things to show you. I just need some more sunny mornings in which to photograph them!


Laura said...

Lovely to have you back sweet natalie. Laura x

Chapter 9 said...

Welcome home.
Ashlee XX

TheMadHouse said...

I love them... Boys though are a different matter

HannahB said...

Beautiful dresses, nice to have you back.

And wow- you are an incredibly strong, inspiring lady!

Rebecca said...

oh my lordy, I had two dresses esactly like that top one, one in white, one in blue, my teddies wore them!! (I think they were boy teddies too. oh dear) thank you for the memories!

I can't remember if I commented on the last post, I was at a loss for what to say, but your story stayed with me, and I hope you start to feel more yourself soon. much love, even though I dont know you really .xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

nath you are a fantastic writer really vivid ...lovely that you came back you sweet lovely pet x

Laura said...

Actually can't get these dresses out of my head. Especially the apricot one! L x

mieke willems said...

gourgeous dresses! and nice hook too!