Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Hello, this week is fair galloping by! Is it for you too?

I've got some lovely finds to show you, but I haven't even had time to photograph them. And we just had some problem with our internets that meant we were unable to connect. Cannot compute. Literally. Crivens.

Anyway, it's all better now and this week has seen marvellous house guests, a new baby for some dear friends and lots of time at the park and beach in the sun, sun, sun. Iris is existing on ice cream alone. So, not much to complain about there.

Here are some photographs to distract you from lack of content.

I'll be back soon with a vintage market preview!


Whitney said...

that beach looks so nice!

Laura said...

That photo of Iris is so funny. Mine have been loving the ice cream too. L x

Francesca said...

you could've just typed 'crivens' and it would have been enough. gave me my first out loud giggle of the day! x

Louise said...

Goodness me! NO internet? horror oh horror! Isn't Irish a beach cutie in her sunhat