Tuesday, 8 June 2010

happy campers - the vintage!

Further news of our trip to the South Hams. A trip to Totnes Market! Lots of nice things as ever. I didn't buy much, well, too many books in Oxfam. And a couple of things in the big shops in Exeter on the way down, *blush*.

Aaaaaaanyway, as I was, ostensibly on holiday, I decided to postpone worrying about frittering money away endlessly until sometime later this week.

And so, bravely at the last minute, calling in at a studio sale, I bought a vintage Stockman dress form. I have been looking for one for ages. So useful! For display! But they're quite expensive, so when I asked how much it was, I couldn't believe it when he said £35! I got him down to £30 though obv. She's somewhere down there (points downwards), keep going and you'll see her.

And for those of you who want to get big photographs (Flora) then go and read this. It's not the exact tutorial I used because that blog, weirdly, has turned into an invite only blog, how fancy! Anyway, have a go, it seems unbelievably difficult and incomprehensible and then *ping* somehow it works. Does anyone know how to make that blogger icon up there (points upward) on the browser bar thingy personalised?

Next up - the beaches and a million gratuitous poppy meadow shots. Oh YEAh!


Chapter 9 said...


You've revolutionised my lil' old blog - thank-you SO much for the link to make images larger - I've been trying to work it out for ages & even I (the biggest technophobe) could do it - Yay!! XX

Your trip looked wonderful - I'm very jealous of your Stockman!! Excellent find :)

Francesca said...

oh i love your stockman, she's very handsome indeed. and i'm hoping iris came home with that hat. x

suzie said...

I'll comment on the part one here as well (I'm essentially lazy) by saying, what a fabulous campsite, looks like it sure does take the pain out of camping. And your tent is more like a yurt than the smelly old things I know.
Your blog does indeed look so much better now with bigger pics, I get very stressed looking at piddly photos! I don't know how to customise the header, but I can point you at getting rid of it altogether if you'd like?

HannahB said...

brilliant! cant wait for the rest! Im at my desk, having a wee camping holiday via your lovely blog!

Suzie, i got rid of the bar at the top because it looks messy, but i think its quite annoying to navifgate back to the homepage? looks better though i guess

Laura said...

Oh Natalie, I have been saving you up my girl and now I've come (first thing after holiday) and I am awestruck. This is all looking completely fantastic and your adventures are just pinging off the screen. I LOVE THIS NEW LOOK. ARE YOU GETTING HOW FABULOUS I THINK THIS IS. OR SHOULD I JUST CONTINUE WITH MY SHOUTING? No, I shall refrain a little, but to top it all off you went to Totnes too. I have fainted with the wonder. Laura x

Laura said...

And, see I have had to come back now, how the lovely Iris has grown!? All these blog children seem to be growing up far too quickly. She looks super cute in that stripey top. L x

erika said...

that looks like a lovely market!!

Lovely World said...

Looking good, really good! I, too, find that I have to sneak about trying to figure out how to change the way my blog looks. Why can't it be straight forward. For example, I find posting to etsy pretty straight forward. Oh well.

cheltclaire said...

sounds like you had a fantastic time. i notice in one of your pictures a brown pattern sugar bowl, i've got some plates like it that belonged to my parents, i've never seen the pattern anywhere else so it made me smile!
i love reading your blog it always makes me feel chirpier!!
claire xxx