Thursday, 24 June 2010

Full of Beans

A big thank you to all you amazing women who commented on my last post. It was so great to hear from you, all at different points in this parenting lark.

In other news, spurred on by this post on Ariana's lovely blog, I finally made Iris some bean bags.

I sewed up the little rectangles on my sewing machine (I'm even , shockingly, using my sewing machine regularly now, and it no longer takes me all morning to change the bobbin *faints*) leaving a little opening to be hand-sewn.

Then, when Iris got home from kindergarten, we filled them up together, a messy but fun business. Ahem, they're filled, respectively, with organic dried chickpeas, some mixed beans and soup mix. Ha! I am a terrible house-keeper. I think the soup-mix worked the best (prob coz of the tiny lentils), but they're all just fine for gentle games of catch, balancing on your head and pretending to juggle.
At least, that's what I've been doing with them.

We also made a necklace for one of Iris's friends who turned four this week. Iris found the nice limpet shell at the weekend and I have a plentiful collection of beads at my disposal (as you might expect). Unfortunately, Iris told me it broke moments after it was presented. Bumz. That will be because I used a length of pale pink darning wool, next time it'll be embroidery silk. Coincidentally, Ariana has a nice line in pasta necklaces here.

Look, here we are! Beauty and the beast! I'm talking about Iris natch. Crikey, I look tired, I ALWAYS look tired these days. I like Iris's expression here. And now, I will disappear from view again. Two photographs of me in two posts!!

Got some nice vintage to show you, so back tomorrow perhaps!


We Blog Artists said...

SUCH a gorgeous picture of 2 beauties!!!
AND love those bean bags! I think I may JUST have to make a few for my girls.
P.S. Had one of those mornings with our 4 year old and she wouldn't say hello to this lady up at Miss A's school...I was SO mad!
they're forever growing and we're forever learning...

Flora said...

Gah, it's me again...another thing I forgot to add, which is actually the really important bit, is lashings of praise when they are being angelic...I also do a lot of "well done, that was really good listening" "you waited very patiently there, thank you" etc etc.

I really am going now, before I get flamed for being a parenting course junkie... :-)

Jane O Sullivan said...

definitely two beauties
good luck nath , you have the insight inside you , trust this , take a breathe and walk away sometimes , do not on any circumstances take to the bottle dear :)

Laura said...

Oh you look so lovely together and this has inspired me to have some quiet time with my little ones and do something like this. The beanbags are such a fantastic idea! Laura x

Anna Betts said...

Aw you two are the best! What beauty and what effortless style. You swines. I'm up for making a few bean bags for juggling for myself. Apparently, juggling stimulates parts of your brains which effectively prevent you from feeling sad, that's nice isn't it? xx

mama bear said...

Look at you two gorgeous ladies! Although little Iris looks very unimpressed. Like please, smiling was SO last year.

Love the bean bags too, great idea. Think Rosie's still too small for them? Probably. xx

Hannah said...

Bean bags made from ACTUAL beans! Rather than horrid polystyrene pellets. Genius.

alessandra said...

Awwwww look at you two!
the bean bag idea is great, love the fabric you used to make them :)

m.fay said...

these pictures are perfectly sweet. love your blog. please stop by and say hi.


Fine Little Day said...

The necklace turned out lovely! Sweet your two :)

ariana. said...

Oh, the bean bags are just so lovely! I hope that little Iris is enjoying them too! The necklace is divine. I love how soft the colors are. It is too hot to move here so off I go to dip my toes in some water. I hope you are all well! Cheers, a