Wednesday, 29 September 2010

That Was The Week

Almost October, how did that ever happen? I didn't mean to leave it a week before doing a blog, but that's what's happened. Here's a look at what I have been doing. Tell me something about your week!

Block-printed labels for some of my plates, they're heading off to an exciting new stockist - more on that soon!

I've been doing some {lots} more block printing. Tell me, would you buy one of these? If it was nicely mounted ready for framing? You have all said lots of very nice things about the one I am giving away. And no, it seems my love for triangles will never abate.

Look! It's summer on my desk - I ordered some prints of some of the photographs I took over this summer, it was nice to see them all as physical objects instead of just on a screen.

We marched on Portland to oppose the proposed building of a bio-fuel plant that would increase Britain's consumption of palm oil by one third thus exacerbating climate change, destroy many hectares of rain forest which would in turn hasten the extinction of orangutans and leave many indigenous people homeless. You can read more about it here.

A beautiful red-haired girl at the vintage market. I am still hankering after red locks.

A lovely warmy pair of slippers I found for Iris in a charity shop for the princely sum of £1. They make her jump just like a bunny.

p.s. You still have til the end of the day to enter my giveaway, then I'll announce the winners tomorrow!


mandy said...

The Bio fuel demonstration sounds like a very worthy cause, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I was looking through some old photos the other day and felt sad for two reasons, I wish I still took photos with film or got mine printed out at least, they're so much nicer as a physical thing. Also I felt sad, well not sad, more aghast that I looked so ancient compared to just five years ago (uggh).
Have mentioned your giveaway over at mine.

Becky said...

The slippers are so, so cute! Well done for marching on the biofuel plant, have studied a bit about the negative effects of the palm oil industry - scary stuff.

alessandra said...

uh I want bunny slippers too!
you had a lovely summer I see :)
(about palm oil and biofuel:
people, as consumers you have lots of power: use it!!

Louise said...

Oh, sweet bunny feet! You have been a busy bee, no wonder a week rushed by! Can you believe it's the end of September already?! Crazy x

Dos Jenny said...

this week I finally started dos-blogging again.


Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

those slippers are ssoooooooo cute

KERRY said...

Yes, I would buy one. I like them a lot!