Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The First Car Boot Sale of the Year

Car boot sales are the best.

Well, they're right up there with flea markets, charity shops and jumble sales. All so full of promise - it makes me excited to just think of it! Sunday saw the first one of 2009 and although it was super-cold and about the quarter of the size it usually is, I still winkled out some lovely things.

I have (somewhat foolishly, perhaps) told a friend or two about this, my favourite car boot sale, and in doing so piqued their interest. I shall have to be as cunning and wily as an old fox if I am to maintain my success rate now I might have direct competition!

What a combination, birds AND Russian dolls. They have such forlorn little faces as well.

A Swedish wall tile. Beautiful.

Everything is better in miniature. Well almost.

I am collecting a few of these old Agatha Christies for a friend's birthday. I love the covers, surreal and macabre.

Oh and these things too - a embroidered wool shrug, it's really beautifully finished with beading and lovely detail. And another piece of embroidered fabric to add to my huge fabric stash...

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copperseal said...

the swedish wall tile is too chic!!

and agatha christie = awesome.

And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) changed my life.