Sunday, 8 February 2009

Saturday Finds

Yesterday was a gloriously icy cold sunny day, the very best kind of winter's day in my opinion. The market was much smaller then usual, due perhaps to the snow that fell in great bucketfuls all around but left us all but untouched (bar the light dusting at the beginning of the week). I felt a bit cheated actually, especially when some friends regaled me with tales of 5 hour snowball fights and hot chocolate in the pub afterwards.

But I digress, yesterday's haul is small but I hope you agree, well formed.

A sweet felt needlecase, yes, I know, I've already got lots of needlecases, but look! It's bright yellow and it's got purple pages in it!

On the subject of things being irresistibly yellow, what about these lovely children's gloves? Iris isn't much of a glove fan yet, but I'm working on her.

A darling little (yellow) lacquerware tray for Iris, look, she's already set it up for teatime.

This is going to be perfect for timely household budgeting, I'll be ticking and totting with the best of them!

A great art book - Fun With Art from 1970 - here are a few images from inside, I'll be trying most of these projects with Iris, apart from Painting With Bleach. Yikes. I'll share some more from this book in another post I think.

Some side plates and saucers - one of which is already riding high on my plate wall.

A pretty scarf, the shades of blue offsetting all the aforementioned yellow beautifully. Destined to become a cushion cover perhaps?

The last treasure has to be saved for tomorrow! Can you guess what it is?

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