Thursday, 26 March 2009


This week has just streaked by and now it's Thursday, how did that happen?

And I still haven't managed to photograph the dresses and shoes from last week. Tsk! Here's a puzzle that I found earlier this week, some pieces are missing but I thought I'd frame a couple for Iris's room, the zoo one is so jolly!

I've also been making some more collages, pink, brown and orange and blue purple and yellow.


Francesca said...

hi nath, saw this designer on design sponge and reminded me of your collages:

nath said...

Hey Francesca,

How's your week been? Thanks for the link - I saw the chairs on DS, they are lovely. Very clever.

Anna Betts said...

Love these! I can see why you liked my squash racket guys with your penchant for vintage photos. Perhaps I shall do something with them, but I think it will be original work as I haven't a decent printer to do prints... Will keep you posted though :)