Thursday, 26 March 2009

Morgan The Blair

I mentioned Morgan The Blair a few posts back - my friend Jessica sent me a link.

Oh, how I love looking in other people's sketchbooks and Morgan's are wonderful, they make me want to pick up a pen AND a pencil right away. There's an abundance of beautiful things to look at on her website.

Here are few of my favourites.


Lynne said...

At some point in my life, when I've dealt with all the clutter, I am going to carry round little sketch books and stop and draw - these are very inspiring!

Fine Little Day said...

Morgan The Blair, how nice!

nath said...

Quite so Lynne, I resolve to do the same.

Do you know her work, Elizabeth? She's good at so many things - a bit like you!

Jane O Sullivan said...

I loved her work too , I saw it on the doodlers anonymous site,I like the first one best..

Stephanie said...

Wow, these are lovely.