Sunday, 29 March 2009

Weekend Finds

This weekend has been a breathless and whistle stop tour of the flea market, junk shops, vintage clothes shops, a vintage camera shop, a couple of charity shops, old bookshops, and a short walk on the beach. It's been lots of fun, especially as I had a marvellously enthusiastic sidekick in the shape of a friend who we'll call Katie, mainly because that's her name. I haven't known Katie for long, but she proved herself to be excellent fun and expert in all secondhand matters.

We were at times measured and at others completely giddy kippers. Some treasures got left behind, but we came home with bags aplenty and a dressed crab for supper. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure. Today, I added to my riches by going to the carboot sale.

So, where to start?

A bag of stencils from the junk shop - too many to list here, these are two of my faves.

Vintage toffee tin for Iris from Katie

1940s court shoes. Sigh, they are perfect...

A great many books - might have to do another post on the rest!

The Peacock Party by Alan Aldridge, published 1979.

Tinker Tailor by Charles Keeping, published 1968

Page detail - lovely, eh?

Balbus by Oliver Hill and Hans Tisdall, published 1944

Page detail - extraordinary snail

Groovy Sultan eggcup

Tiny red enamel candle holder

Two wooden owls

Pretty bird plate

Abstract ironstone plate

Wowzers, what a haul! Maybe I can encourage Katie to share her finds with us...?

*UPDATE* See Katie's Flickr - she's posted her finds!


midge said...

what a haul. you made some fabulous finds, i love the stencil, eggcup and especially the tin

midge said...

now that sounds like a perfect weekend. amazing finds, especially love the tin and the eggcup.bravo

Kaylovesvintage said...

you had a great the shoes and the plate...enjoy

karly / design crisis said...

Great finds! LOVE the shoes!

Jane O Sullivan said...

Yes ! that was very exciting , seems like fertile ground round your way for fantastic finds ,a little thin om the ground to say the least here in the west of Ireland mind you ..I seem to manage to wheedle some bits out ,from sheer desperation ! My fave wa s the book on buildings and the shoes ..well done you !

when skies are grey said...

Some nice things here. I have such a weakness for vintage books.

Jane said...

Love the look of that Balbus book - will have to track that one down.