Sunday, 8 March 2009

Saturday Finds

Here are my finds from yesterday's market.

As you can see I was practising some restraint. Unusual for me but then I haven't included the classic belted trench I picked up from a vintage clothes stall or the lightweight wool coat I reserved in my favourite vintage boutique. So, perhaps not quite as restrained as it first appears, eh? But Spring is a-coming and with it, new wardrobe demands.

Meet the family, everyone's here.

1930's Deco-ish brooch


Mulot said...

Many beautiful treasures !! I love your pictures and all these new made me dicover !

Mya.L said...

Hey there, if you're into Russian dolls and if you happen to live in London, there are some vintage ones (genuine 70s Russian ones stamped 'Made in USSR') for sale at Penny Fielding on Orford Road in Walthamstow... well, I know about it because they used to be mine and I sadly have to let them go...

nath said...

Hey Mya.L

Well, yes I do have a weak spot for Russian Dolls, that much is true. How did you guess?

I don't live in London though, sadly. Why did you have to let them go I wonder?

Mya L. said...

No job, no money, boohoo... shame I didn't came across your blog before I left them at that shop!