Wednesday, 4 March 2009

An Awakening

I have had my head turned by Flickr. What can I say? I'm a late starter. And so, in spare moments over the last day or so, have found myself going through and uploading lots of old photos, thinking about ways to catergorise them and coming up with ideas for future groups of photos. One theme I want to explore both here and there, is collections. I have so many of them! Quite casual ones mainly, but here are a few that immediately spring to mind.

Birds (yeah, well obviously)
Russian Dolls
Junk Jewellery
Vintage children's book (this one has a few subcategories such as Ladybird Books, Picture Lions, Picture Puffins)
Things from Nature - More subcategories here as well, such as feathers,
shells, beach glass... Oh for goodness sake, this is ridiculous! You can perhaps see why I need a further outlet..!

Here's a little taster - some of my vintage gems twinkling in the early March sunshine. Well, they do say diamante is a girl's best friend.

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