Monday, 2 March 2009

The Yorkshire Post

We're back from our sojourn up North. Here are some heavily edited highlights.

There was the most amazing button shop in Harrogate, take a look. Predictably we spent rather more than we should, I'm going to make the owl ones into a necklace.

We also went here as it's right round the corner from where our friends live. I got a lovely little sewing box full of vintage trims and ribbons.

Giddying excitement abounded when I got my hands on the latest Lula!

Between some downright teenage behaviour, we somehow managed to hit quite a few vintage shops in Leeds, some charity shops in Harrogate (where I found a pair of Loake Brogues for Paul) AND a carboot sale in Otley. I found this eccentric piece of studio pottery that I love, but everyone was both repelled and aghast when I actually bought it. The sillies.

On a more universally accepted note, I also found this little wooden leaf brooch.

Thank you friends and thank you Yorkshire for giving up your best.


Naomi Devlin said...

I can't believe you went charity shopping and boot sale hunting when you were supposed to be propping up a bar somewhere with lipstick smeared across your face. Although bravo for the brogues.

I'm not sure if you're touched with genius about the bizarre face bird pottery thing. I'll pronounce for sure when I see the thing in the flesh.

x x x

Flora said...

I adore your blog!
I too am addicted to treasure hunting in carboots and charity shops. Looking through your posts I have even found very similar things.
Ps also bird-mad!

nath said...

Well, thank you very much Flora! Those are kind words indeed.

I am actually in rehab this week, well I was until this morning when I bought a(nother) vintage children's book...

nath said...

Naomi - There was plenty of misbehaving, oh yes.

I know what you mean though, we were supposed to go to the Spa in Harrogate but blew it off (too expensive) so went chazza shopping instead...

Fine Little Day said...

Want to lay my hands on that Lula issue as well.

amy said...

oh the leaf brooch is so sweet!

nath said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks a lot, it's the lapel of my winter coat right now.

I really love all your blogs, yep, all four of them! Lots of beautiful beautiful things to look at.

Hope you come by again,