Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunday Finds

I'm a little late posting my finds from yesterday, but I have a good excuse. We've all been outside in the sunshine with friends, planting some living willow to make a wigwam for the children to play in at The Field, which is where we grow lots of vegetables. It was a very satisfying thing to do, and it looks really beautiful even though it's not finished yet.

My hands are still ingrained with mud but I didn't want to wait a moment longer - yesterday's carboot sale was the stuff of dreams. Well okay, my dreams anyway. Despite still feeling distinctly under the weather, there's nothing like a spot of rootling about in boxes to restore one's spirits.

Here's what I found...

A big pile of books for Iris - too many to list here, even by my self-indulgent standards. But there are a couple of absolute gems I'll be showing you soon.

A bird. Oh, poor neglected birdy, I found her lying on her side in a box of other ephemera, but she's perked up considerably now she's home. She's a pretty pigeon.

A groovy stainless steel brooch and some vintage Avon jars for a dear friend's birthday. She is very stylish and discerning and she also makes her own face creams and cleansers so they totally hit the spot. Also here's the card I made to go with them (viewed here as a work in progress).

Buttons - well, I couldn't resist. Some on cards (
Fashionable buttons no less) and a big bag of mixed ones.

A nesting set, not of Russian dolls as you might've come to expect, but enamel roasting tins. Lovely lovely colours. Unused. And so criminally cheap, if you want to know how much then ask me discreetly.

A(nother) plate for the wall. Colours are a little reminiscent of the Corkey book so I might put it near the red bird plate (see here) for maximum impact.

A Penguin paperback, The Comforters by Muriel Spark - bought, shamefully, for the amazing cover.

There's was so much more to be had, had funds allowed, a wonderful red and cream child's piano with matching stool from the 1960s, some hardwood plan chest drawers, a little g plan here and there. I don't need a house, I need a warehouse...


Alice X said...

oooh, what lovely finds, i love the piegeon, adorable:)

read me... said...

Good lord, enamel nesting dishes, unused... what a great find! One of many, clearly.

read me... said...

oh, and by the way, where was this fabulous car boot sale??

amy said...

oh i have a book by muriel spark, the prime of miss jean brodie. it is one of the funniest i've read, she is a wonderful writer. it was initially purchased for the cover too! :)