Monday, 13 April 2009

Giant Flea Market Finds

So, this is the promised field report from the flea market yesterday. Oh, my. What a flea market. It was huge. Treasures at every turn. I still feel somewhat over-stimulated by the whole experience. Oh to have had unlimited funds, time and space! But despite not having access to the former, I still managed to come away with quite a haul.

Are you ready?

Two tiny chicks, well, it was Easter...

A set of linen place mats and napkins. From the 1950s, perhaps? Lovely colours, light turquoise-y blue, soft pink and black.

A very pretty Avon box with a glass bird shaped bottle inside.

A very jolly Galt elephant puzzle.

A purple tray from the 1960s.

A beautiful airplane brooch. This is a close-up of it, it's not as big as the tray in real life. I really wanted something like this after seeing this amazing hair clip .

A very fine pair of white brogues. In excellent condition and just the thing for wearing now that Spring has sprung.

A Mr Topsy-Turvey glass for Iris to gulp milk from.

A pack of unused bird invitations - how could I resist?

Three silk handkerchiefs. So so pretty. I think I'm going to frame them with embroidery hoops. But I can't bear to cut them up. Is there a way to avoid cutting them?

A beautiful woodcut, in a good frame, just needs some glass and a clean mount to achieve former glory.

Storage jar. I'm going to keep oats in it.

Two sweet ceramic deer heads for wall mounting.

A wooden pear for keeping secrets in.

A beautiful late seventies Sara Moon mirror - her name is Belinda. This is all credit to Katie for spotting them (there was a pair) and for introducing me to Sara. We bought them both for a good price, then had one each. I inadvertently picked Katie's favourite. Sorry darling. It does needs a good polish though, whoops.

A strange Mexican painting of a girl with cages of birds behind her. It's called The Bird Seller. Actually, I'm not so sure about this now I've got it home. Which is unusual for me. It's a bit creepy I think.

That's it. It was such a fun day. I'm going to be thinking about it for quite some time to come....

* p.s. Just one more day to post your comment on Take It, It's Yours (A Giveaway) to win a collage...*


mikodesign said...

wow, so many great finds, I think the tray and the invitations are my favourite!!

m said...

I suppose you had a lovely day! I sure like the place mats and napkins!

Amy said...

Great finds! Love the mountable deer heads and the tray! The invitations are sure to delight whoever gets one - that is, if you can bear to part with them!

Naomi Devlin said...

What a haul! The broach is my favourite. Iris must be faced with indecision each time she wants a puzzle, which one, which one?

I'm definitely coming to the next one - if I can stop Nick rolling his eyes when I bring more stuff into the house. Where are you keeping all yours? Surely you can't hide it from Paul now it's documented on the blog?

Jane O Sullivan said...

O.M.G !! as my teenage daughters would say and which I also seem to say all the time ! I am SO jelous ,we simply DO NOT get anything as interesting as the treasures in England (I am in impoverished v.v. western Ireland...I know I have the view...but its things I want !...), I mean fairies and pots of gold for sure , but I want what you have .If , you want to sell the girl and bird cage painting ,I would love it as creepy is ok with me ,and the avon bird bottle, I WILL not be able to sleep until I find one ,how cute is she ,I think its a wren and I saw two on our easter cycle.
All in all , nath , a v. sucessful haul , thanks so much for sharing it with us. xx(hope the owl purses went down well)

Fine Little Day said...

So many good finds. That airplane brooch, and the shoes!

JFHA said...

NATH, what treasures! I LOVE the ceramic deer heads, is there a price on them or are they for keeps? They would be great to cast... Also, the napkins are hilarious - our school logo was a llama, though not quite as pretty as these ones. Sir Titus Salt used llama wool in his mill.

Francesca said...

elephant puzzle is gorgeous!
you do seem to do really well at the flea markets. re my last comment, maybe you should have 2 etsy stores, one for your work, one for vintage finds!

Francesca said...

yes that's me looking resplendent! just sent you a flickrmail about etsy etc.

the seventy tree said...

Hello again! I have the 60s purple tray...the exact one! used to belong to my gran, but I nabbed it!
Have a nice weekend.

disa said...

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