Saturday, 11 April 2009

Weekend Finds and Other Things*

It has been a lovely sunny Saturday here, our tiny town has been overcome with an influx of holiday-seeking folk, so the market this morning was very bustly indeed. Later, we baked raisin bread (in lieu of the more traditional hot cross buns), had a picnic in the garden and then an ambling walk in the blossomy woods.

Lots of things for Iris in my latest finds. Puzzles aplenty which coincides nicely with a definite interest in puzzles from Iris.

We've had a lot of fun with the farmyard one. I do love a nice Galt puzzle.

The Match The Balloons game was an amazing find from earlier in the week, the Dick Bruna drawings are so charming. I'm considering framing half of the game cards as there are two of each.

I also found this tile, with a proud and orange stag prancing about on it, and a length of 1970s material in blues and purple.

In other news, look at this beautiful crab we got (and ate) this week, we're doing swaps with a friend, Paul owes him a trout in return.

And I've been making some owl purses for Easter, to give to Iris and a friend's two girls. They are lined in either felt or vintage fabric and have some tiny treats tucked inside - a few Green and Blacks mini eggs, a teeny chick, a shell, a magnet in the shape of their initial and a homemade envelope with some sunflower seeds . I can't wait to give Iris hers!

Tomorrow we're off to a flea market, which I've heard a lot about but never been to. Excitement! I'm meeting up with Katie so it's bound to be a lot of fun. I'll report my findings back at the earliest opportunity. Wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying this Spring holiday!

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Amy said...

Those owl purses are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Thats a beautiful trail!

Flora said...

Oh my! The Dick Bruna balloons game...I am coming over all hot and cold and have sweaty palms...can me and isla come over to play?! ;)

Lovely stuff Nath, and congrats on the big five-o xx

louloulovesbooks said...

I love the tile, what great colours...and those owl purses are so cool. I saw a real owl yesterday, when he saw me he flew away. He was eyeing up the baby rabbits in the field so I disturbed his hunting. And one of them got to live for another day...

read me... said...

Happy Easter! Your owl purses and their hidden treasure sound wonderful... I can just imagine how happy the recipients will be. Oh, and I am totally in love with the Dick Bruna game... what a truly great find. Where on earth do you live??!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

well nath ,
you really have made two beloved objects , those purses are so full of good and inspiring energy for you , the lucky recipients and us the readers ! they are ...precious ........
now I have just been looking at katies flickr (lovely by the way katie !) photos and I have to ask ,were there any fights over treasures found today at the fleamarket ?!I can just picture the two of you , oh thats a lovely 70.s book , oh yeah ,(dam she got it first !)

nath said...

Hello everyone,

Are you full replete with chocolate? Thank you all so much for the lovely comments, the owls went down a treat! Especially the chocolaty contents. I actually made three, but the last one was incomplete at the time of posting. I'll try to get a photograph of it though.

Louise - a real owl? Such a rare and lovely treat when that happens. My last owl sighting was a ghostly white Barn Owl. Thrilling. I do get to hear one regularly though.

Jane - I can honestly say that there was no unseemly tussling over anything today, just a touch of light envy here and there perhaps. Oh my, it was such an amazing flea market, I'm still reeling from the sheer amount of treasure that could've been with unlimited funds. I didn't do badly though. Can't wait to show you!

Read Me - I can't possibly tell you that! I have to protect my sources. Tee hee.

Flora - let's definitely play Match The Balloons. I will check your bag on leaving though.

I'm off to gaze admiringly at my finds...

Mulot said...

Lovely Souvenir and a beautiful picture - I love the cherry tree & the little girl ! So cute ! =^^=

Naomi Devlin said...

I just love that Dick Bruna game, what a find!

Those owl purses are gorgeous - thanks for the owl drawing by the way. Saw it the next day and forgot to mention it.

xx x