Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Car Booting Treasure - Part 2

Okay, so we've established that I have a problem but we've also agreed that it's all right really. Phew. I'm writing this with two big bunches of lilac in view, how lovely.

Part 2 is all about my current book obsession, and in particular, Puffin paperbacks it seems.

Discovering unfamiliar ones

Isn't this cover wonderful?

And rediscovering much-loved old favourites

Oh, how I loved the Wombles.

Part 3 (!) tomorrow, I have some beautiful and groovy bedding to show you and also the £2 Polaroid camera that I'm so excited to even think about using.


Jane O Sullivan said...

um..um..I was a womble at school , I even set up the wombles at our primary school , we used to collect the rubbish in the playground , there said it ! I was orrinoco. Did you see the scene in Neil Jordans film Breakfast at Pluto ? did you ,did you ? If not I wont spoil it ,but its got a womble theme (tee hee ) Poloroid are the best , I love mine , film is a bit expensive , but you tend to make the photo "work" coz its so expensive (goodness , is that the time !,I best retire to bed)
Lovely post nath,reminds me of my chilhood , all the unfamiliar to you books were ,v.v vfamiliar to me ! x

Flora said...

Can't wait to see the bedding!

erin@designcrisis said...

Are the Wombles a Brit thing? I really want to read all about their adventures!

nath said...

Jane - aw how sweet! Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish! I haven't seen Breakfast at Pluto - thanks for the tip-off, I'll put in on our list!
I found some film today! But I'm too scared to put it in, in case it doesn't work and all my dreams are dashed...

Flora - Coming right up!

Erin - You need to get with The Wombles, read this and then tell me you're not won over completely.


I did see another copy of Wombles at Work yesterday so really do want to read about their adventures, let me know and I'll get it for you!

Red Boots said...

I remember reading the Silver Sword at primary school, and to the 8 year old me, it was the best book in the world! I seem to remember it being set in Poland during WW2, and an orphan boy, but that's as far as my memory stretches am afraid. Definitely read it!

Di said...

Great books! I have that very version of The Silver Sword and I think I had the 101 Dalmations too. I gave my god-daughter The Silver Sword for her Christmas - I loved it...... and I hope she does too!