Monday, 4 May 2009

Car Booting Treasure - Part 1

Here are my finds from this weekend. And as you can plainly see, all attempts at reining-it-in have gone out the window. So much so, that I might have to do this round-up in three parts!

I am pathological when it come to collecting. This became ever clearer when I checked definition of pathological, it was -
caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition. Oh dear. I suppose I had better open a shop quickly, either that or somebody - perform an intervention!

Are you ready? Here we go..

A doll. She's well-loved and a little bit crazy looking, but has undeniable charm.

An owl trivet. I've been on the lookout for one of these for ages. I'm going to hang in on the wall in my kitchen if we ever get round to redecorating it.

Another book for the cover. Oh and title. Aren't they all totally elegant?

A sweet little brooch, not from the carboot sale, but from a tiny and very amazing junk shop that is owned by a retired couple, who were antique dealers for 40 years. They retired to the countryside and found they couldn't stop,(perhaps we could start a support group). The shop is only open for three days a week and it's stuffed to the gills with treasure and interesting artifacts, it gives me goosebumps when I'm in there.

A super-groovy flour shaker. This is an essential piece of kitchen equipment and thus, wholly justifiable.

A super-groovy tray, I love blues and greens together.

A late 1980s Fisher Price whistling kettle. I bought this in the full knowledge that the whistling would drive me crazy (and lo, it came to pass) and that Iris would love it, gosh I am so selfless.

Hello Babushka, come in, you'll make lots of friends here.

This is the cover of the book with the story of Baba Yaga in it, this is for me, as it's quite terrifying.

And books, more books, Puffins galore, for Iris's library of the future.

Back shortly with parts 2 and maybe even 3!


thedoglived said...

Hi Nath
Big breaths!
Repeat after me;
There is nothing wrong with collecting especially when you can find a use for every single thing that you have found!
What a weekend you've had, brilliant finds I love the flour shaker.
I am desperate to see the Babba Yagga book, I had to illustrate the story some years ago for Time Life and it opened up a whole area of interests for me, I would love to see what's inside the edition you've just got.
PS How is the scanner settling in?

the seventy tree said...

That kettle is amazing! I love the Taunton Vale flour shaker too.....more wonderful finds!

Laura said...

Oh my! there is far too much car boot action going on. I am feeling so left out. I adore the kettle, but perhaps would have to doctor it. Check out Donna got the most amazing haul at the car boot. So good in fact I don't know if I will be able to talk to her.

Naomi Devlin said...

Nat I fear I would be lynched if I were to perform an intervention. Just start selling it, you won't look back!

Where is this little shop by the way? Or are you keeping it secret?

x xx

Flora said...

Nath, I am definitely with you on the support group. "Hi my name is Flora and I am a booting addict!"

But it's all so lovely... how can we help ourselves

Wonderful books though, adore that Bitter Honey cover- with the pink poodle,what a hoot! And I see a copy of Bedknobs and Broomsticks there, lucky Iris.

Flora said...

Oh and there must have been a tray vibe in the atmosphere- I ended up buying two beauties from different stalls on sunday!

thedoglived said...

This is starting to sound like a car boot support group, but I like it.
Where is this car boot sale or is it a dirty secret?

nath said...

Hello everyone,

Here we are, the support group is formed!

thedoglived - I'm going to scan (yay!) some more images from the book featuring Babba Yaga, although the best ones are in that story. The carboot sale is in...Somerset. Somewhere. Tee hee.

Kerry - the kettle is really annoying! But it does look great! I thought the shaker was Taunton Vale as well (you have a keen eye) but it's not marked as such so I'm not sure...

Laura - why o why did you have to point me Donna's way?! I am so feeling your pain. What thoroughly amazing finds with a sweet and sad back story.

Naomi - yes, there would be resistance, how could there not?! I am really thinking about selling again. And, I'll whisper the shop location to you next time!

Flora - my fellow addict. Two trays, you say? Let's see 'em! Did you see that the book is actually called Bedknob and Broomstick - Disney changed it for some reason..?

thedoglived said...

Oh I love the sound of setting up a group.

Is this a silly question; Is it possible to set up a blogboot sale for a day?

I know that ETSY allow you to sell "vintage" but it has to be 30 years old I'm not to sure.

Can you imagine if we thought about this you could somehow work it out I'm sure it could become huge! or just dissapear into the night.

the seventy tree said...

It looks like it to me! I have a large Taunton Vale collection taking over my kitchen!

Conversation Pieces said...

Ooh, love the owl... and the kettle... and the flour shaker... and the tray! I always get the feeling that us bloggers would all fall out if we were all at the same car boot sale!! ;)

mieke willems said...

that doll brooche is super super nice!