Sunday, 3 May 2009

New (Secondhand) Love

Paul found a scanner today at the carboot sale for a mere pound. And joy O joy, it works. Squeal!

So here are a few beautiful and random things excitedly ripped from the shelves and fed happily (and a little wonkily) into this life-changing (no, really) peripheral. The rest of the weekend's finds are to follow...

Record Sleeve Illustration - Los Picaflores The Humming Birds from 1968.

Swallow taken from Country Fair, The Month-by-month Countryside Companion, a compendium of country lore selected from the 1950s magazine of the open air Country Fair.

Little Girl taken from Three Folk Tales - A Ghost, A Witch and A Goblin, published in 1975. The witch in question is the Russian story of Baba Yaga, a terrifying creature who lives in a little house that stands on chicken legs, she has iron teeth and often eats children. Yikes.

A throughly charming frontispiece found in an old Puffin paperback. I think you used to be able to send off for these from Puffin using a little form in the back of their books.

Wonderful drawing of a woman from Cooking With Flowers - The Gentle Art Of Cooking With Flowers- An Age-Old Art Is Revived by Zack Hanley, illustrated by Donald Hendricks, published in 1971. It's worth clicking on this to fully apreciate the lovely fine detail.

Flight Route Map taken from the inside cover of the excitingly named Flight One Australia - A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure, first published in 1958. Click on this to more closely see the routes travelled by Alison and John!


thedoglived said...

The two bird images are stunning, I love them.
Setting up your shop is a great idea! Inotice that you have Dee Beale on your feeds, have you checked out one of her recent posts about setting up a shop? it may be helpful.
PS I know I do and I will soon (send a proper e-mail)

please sir said...

Thanks for your amazing comment - love these!

melissa said...

oh, wow. a scanner for a pound!? that's amazing!
i love those images.

Flora said...

I like the sound of the folk tales book - that witch sounds wonderfully gruesome!

I am feeling rather in despair about my lack of time to devote to both my (sad and underwhelming)Folksy shop and blog at the moment!



Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely jubley nath !,
a. scanner.for.a.pound ..... well it s found the right home , I loved the white on yellow illustration of the woman ,all v.interesting sure are going to have fun.
I guess it makes more sense to scan old printed matter ,huh, I think I ought to try it more , as I do have a scanner , look later ,coz I have a nice post coming up about my finds last weekend ..x

onĂ­rica said...

Thanks for piu piu piu dreams like a bird!