Monday, 25 May 2009

Tales & Finds from The Weekend

Ah, it's been a lovely few days. We've been on an adventure. We took Iris to the zoo for the very first time, had sunny picnics and barbecues, hung out in the park, spent time with my mum celebrating her birthday and goodness! we even managed to squeeze in two carboot sales! Happy days indeed.

So I have a few treasures to share with you..

Sweet Avon scent bottle - now isn't she the fanciest cat you ever saw?

Nautical drinks vessel - this will work nicely as a vase I think.

Melaware butter dish, there's a bit of a blue theme emerging I fancy.

This darling little framed picture of a girl and a bird.

Beautiful and amazing Picture Puffins - just look at these covers!

Unearthing Magic at Midnight literally made my heart sing! Such wonderful illustrations!

The lady i bought this from sold it to me for 20p instead of the standard price of 10p because 'it's a bit special' Oh yes, isn't it just?

There's a few more bits and pieces so I'll show you those tomorrow perhaps.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, and in particular, Flora, Brent, Artemis and Laura, c'mon, let's swap! I'll go first so if you send me an email with your address then I'll aim to get on with it! Wheeee! Excitement!

Oh and here's Iris at home at the zoo. That is such a great mask. And a sun-dappled peacock that followed us everywhere. More on Flickr


Laura said...

Magic at midnight I think was well worth the 20p. It is the bestest book cover I have seen in a long time. Loved all your stuff. Good work indeed.

Laura said...

Plus have looked for your email address and i can't find it. Doubtless it's probably definitely staring me in my face in a very obvious place. Let me know what it is and I can get excited about the swap.Yeah!

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely jubley !
I especially love the avon cat bottle , I have two similiar but the head bit is a girl..its all blue ,and I have a dog ,which is a little" 1970's rugged man" dark brown glass , but its fun. I've seen white avon glass bottles , you,d like those.
what is it about peacocks ,I,ve been painting one the lat two days !Lovely(as usual) post.I am wearing the red ones as I type !

Anonymous said...

Loving the Magic at Midnight book cover – it's ace. Looks like it was a great day out too – I so want to go to the zoo now ;)

Anna Betts said...

Lovely stuff! I especially like the boat bottle and the butter dish. Can't wait to see how your boutique looks when it's ready. On Etsy yes? And what will you be selling, handmade goodies and bit of vintage? Exciting!

Fine Little Day said...

Such nice finds Nath! Love the little bottle with the ship. Do, open a web shop!

Naomi Devlin said...

magic at midnight and the melaware butter dish get my vote. Best check my handbag next time I visit - in case I am overwhelmed with melalove, or is it melamania? Hmmm? either way, V covetable.

x x x