Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Proposal

For someone out there... Have you read about any good swaps recently? (send me a link to the post if you have). I keep reading about swaps, coveted packages of loveliness sent through the mail from one blogger to another, like this or perhaps this and certainly like this and I keep thinking, 'I want some of that!'

So, my dears, who wants to play?

If you think you'd give good swap then leave me a comment below and I'll pick a name at random in a few days time and we'll get swapping! Fun!


Flora said...

I'm in! I have a couple of "prototype" glass birds - one of which I will do as a giveaway (eventually!) and another I'd love to do as a swapsie!

P.S. Woo hoo - get you and your 30 followers!! Congrats, you deserve it, a super smashing blog x

thedoglived said...

I'm in!
I have books that I know that you want "ha ha".

thedoglived said...

PS. I have access to Dee Beale poppy prints also, they were all over my studio this afternoon!

karly / design crisis said...

Erin and I did this once, read about it here:

I have to tell you, we were under a lot of stress to pull this together. I think I'll sit this one out (read: not force anyone to ship overseas) and maybe I can jump in if you do it again.

Be sure to show us what goodies you get

artemis said...

Exciting! I dont quite get it? but i'm up for it! let me know what I have to do...I've got somethings I think are just up your street :)

Laura said...

Oooh yes please. Will start working on my sewing!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw, thank you so much for all the sweet comments! They brighten my day.

I would do it but at the moment I'm still unpacking and busy with necktie orders... maybe in a few weeks? I would need to do some research first, too! xo

conversationpieces said...

Sounds very exciting... I do have a few little things that I've been thinking of either gifting or selling as I don't have anywhere for them at the moment (the curse of the junkaholic).

Are there any rules to this kind of thing? Does it have to be like for like? Or just random?