Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hello Deer and Midweek Finds

Thank you all for seeing and appreciating the romance in my previous post and commenting accordingly. It was very sweet and lovely of you.

This was my gift...

I had spotted her a week or two ago and weirdly, had not bought her. Then on Saturday at the market, seeing that she was still there, I dropped a very heavy hint - much like this but with some emphatic pointing - 'THIS would make a perfect gift for our anniversary'. And lo, I found a little package waiting for me on Monday morning. Paul said that the man who was selling her had said that nobody else had shown the slightest bit of interest in her. So we can only deduce that she was waiting for me.

In other news - Boots have stopped stocking Polaroid 600 film and I'm so upset. Would or could anyone check their local Boots for me? I'd be so very grateful. And be willing to show it.

Then I'd be able to take more photos like this. Or, perhaps, even better ones.

Yesterday, we went to see Katie, a dear friend who lives in Bristol. She has two lovely girls, a ridiculously amazing house full of wonderful treasure and a keenly well-honed eye for a bargain. We talked endlessly about beautiful things and how much we like finding them. Sigh, how perfect. She also took me to one of the most amazing shops I've ever been in. We only had 10 minutes! But I bought this sheer blouse - and some embroidery hoops.

Today, true to form, I bought books. Here's one of them. An early 1980s reissued copy of The Golden Bunny, written in 1953 by Margaret Wise Brown , illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.

My goodness, she was incredibly prolific, and her love of animals and nature is really evident in this book. It's folky and eccentric and whimsical.

Margaret's life and works are really fascinating, she sounded like an extraordinarily creative and interesting woman.
I loved this - taken from her biography - She lived extravagantly off of her royalties, including buying a street vendor's entire cart of flowers with her first royalty check. After having them delivered to her upper East Side apartment, she threw a party for her friends to enjoy her purchase. She would, at times, sell a story to buy a coat, car or airplane ticket to Europe. How marvellous!


the seventy tree said...

The deer is absolutely adorable. What a wonderful present. Lucky you!

Flora said...

Oh I love love love Margaret Wise Brown! You lucky thing, that book looks wonderful. I got The Colour Kittens for N & I but unfortunately it seems my love for it is greater than theirs...I am always pestering them to let me have it for their bedtime story to no avail :(

Amy said...

Fabulous deer!

Flora said...

What a sweetie, don't you love it when you know a find is 'meant to be'!!

That's always been my dream to spend all my money on a flower stall.

Where is this amazing shop?!

Francesca said...

that's such lovely idea, to spend your first paycheck extravagantly like that. you've got the rest of your life to be frugal!

Conversation Pieces said...

I love the idea that the deer was waiting for you :) And good hinting dropping – they have to not be subtle with boys ;)

Natalie said...

Thanks for the link to Margaret Wise Brown - what a fascinating story! And that deer is very sweet too.

erin@designcrisis said...

Love the deer! I'm such a sucker for vintage figurines.

Sad to say that Polaroid is dead, so far as I know. Try Ebay before it's all gone.

Laura said...

Deer is lovely beautiful and no I can't believe that that's it on the polaroid front. I'm sure that a company has bought it and is going to continue to make it. will find out.

Laura said...

I found this

I hope it's true.