Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Summer Adventures

Hello, sorry for the sudden disappearing act, we went camping on Sunday and only just got back today, we were meant to stay for one night but on the way home last night, we were overcome with a need to pull off the dual carriageway and onto the road which leads to one of our most favourite places to camp - so we did!

Here's our bell tent, we like nights under proper canvas..

I could've happily stayed there for the rest of the summer.

But on Sunday we were staying in Cornwall. We stopped off for an amble around Fowey.

The scaffolding on one of the buildings looked like ship's rigging I thought.

Shadow bunting.

This looks so timeless.

Then we spent the afternoon near Menabilly which is the house that Daphne du Maurier lived in in the early 1940s
and was the inspiration for 'Manderley', the house in her novel Rebecca. Menabilly is hidden from view by a dense ring of woodland (drat!) but we felt a small thrill knowing that she would've walked the lanes and taken the path, as we did, down to the most perfect bay imaginable. The sea was gloriously blue and the beach, wide and softly sandy, with many rock pools and all kinds of shells.

First glimpse..

Then last night we camped in South Devon near Totnes. It's one of our favourite places, the campsite is a farmer's field. Housemartins soar and swoop back and forth, it's overlooked by an orchard filled with content sheep, and in the meadow adjoining there is ravishing and glacial river whose beauty these photographs merely hint at.

Oh and a steam train runs back and forth alongside it. I know, it's perfect.

I feel as though I have stepped outside time in the last couple of days. I love it when that happens.

*p.s* Can I just thank everyone who commented on my last post? Your comments made me very happy indeed, I mean really happy. Excitingly, I am about to start a new collection with some plates I found at the weekend, can't wait to show you!


Tina said...

oh!!! this is so good i want to weep with joy!! is that your tent in the top picture and your bed!? i want to come camping with you my dear. you have great taste in linens! xoxo

Flora May said...

Oh I know that feeling of passing an idyllic spot and wanting to pitch up right there and then...good for you for acting on the urge!

Love the feet in the water pic!

Meg said...

It sounds like an absolutely idyllic trip. Bell tents are so beautiful. Lovely x

littlebyrd said...

Magical weekend. I love love love all your pictures ~ it felt like a little vacation of my own to see them :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures! I just read a book about Daphne du Maurier and was so excited that you got to see her home. Someday, someday, I will come to the UK...Til then, I'll watch your blog!


artemis said...

How lovely! I really want to go caming now! Unfortunatly my boyfriend doesnt like it at all...is it ok to go camping by one's self do you think?
Anyway, I bet Iris will have lovely memories of this trip when she grows up! Idyllic! x

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely to catch up with you nath...
.of course you like camping ,its so enid blyton isn't it ?...me too . In fact we have just had daisy our 1970's eriba caravan re-sprayed as she needed a treat ! off in august to our usual haunt to do all things lovely al fresco....loved your plates you have a good eye for juxstaposing old and new , well done :)
.....happy happy days xx

Naomi Devlin said...

Where is the campsite - if you don't mind sharing? We're celebrating my mum's 60th in Totnes in August and need a lovely spot to camp.

Love it that you took your cushions camping, such a lady! And those toes!

x x x

read me... said...

looks like a wonderful trip!

kari anne marstein said...

Hi - I just gave you an award nominee on my blog:
Have a great summer!
Kari Anne

erin@designcrisis said...

I LOVE to camp! And I love your tent -- old school awesome.

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend :)

Leigh said...

This looks like so much fun!! I love your tent and that little nest you made with the pillows and whatnot--I could dive right in! We love to camp, hike and explore too. Maybe we could all do it together when we get to the UK! And go thrifting, YAY! I love that shadow picture too.

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

This looks glorious, there wouldn't be a B&B nearby, would there??? (We're desperate to escape London and this looks just perfect.) xx