Monday, 8 June 2009

Weekend Finds

Thank you all for your excitable comments re my last post, all your encouragement has been so wonderful. I am hoping to throw the doors to le petit boutique open later this week, but I'll be sure to let you know!

We had a lovely weekend, loafing and gadding about in equal measure with dear friends who came a-visiting. We wandered the market on Saturday, had a splendid blowout lunch, and even found a last minute babysitter so we could all go to a birthday party on Saturday night, which was so much fun, even in the pouring rain.

Yesterday, we went to
the best carboot sale in the world TM, except it wasn't because the weather forecast had been so very terrible that there was hardly anyone there. But I managed to winkle out what few treasures there were. Then it was on to the beach in the not-quite-blazing sunshine. We buried Iris in the sand, had some salty chips and an ice cream and visited a bookshop or two so before long, our fuzzy post-party heads were quite forgotten.

Last night we had an epic feast of thyme-roasted chicken, with almond pilaf and lots of Moroccan-inspired sides. Replete, we savoured the last few hours of the weekend, drinking red wine and giggling endlessly. Marvellous.

Onto the treasure then...

Pretty little matchbox.

Old box decorated with faded swallows.

Tiny and perfect tin brooch of a pair of swallows.

A Walter Bosse bronze elephant, I spied him on a heaped table at a tiny antiques fair we visited on Saturday. I also have a cat and a horse, which I also found at the market a few months ago. They're very striking and weighty, I particularly want to lay my hands on a sleeping fox next...

Vintage Fisher Price - a little safari jeep with driver. The back seats flip up so you can put two more little people in the back! So sweet!

A pair of tiny owls. The one on the left is the same as this - look!

Child's mug with a Mary Blair style illustration from Baa Baa Black Sheep.

A lovely puzzle tray. The pieces lift out to reveal the inside of the house, I bought it with the shop in mind, but on getting it home I realised that some silly person has drawn around all the pieces with black marker pen, maybe because it's quite a tricky puzzle. I'm going to try to return it to its former glory.

A happy chimp - I think he may've come from a Fisher Price circus. He reminds me of this.

And ONE book. I know, just one, amazing isn't it? But the cover is so beautiful, it deserved my unbridled attention.


artemis said...

Oh I love your finds so much! Anything with an animal puts a smile on my face!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

the weather's the last thing on one's mind when one's with friends and loved ones. such wonderful finds, congrats.

Flora said...

"Loafing and gadding" - what a wonderful pair of words to describe your weekend!

Must be fun to be shopping with le petit boutique in mind!

Flora said...

your finds make me smile always!
Sounds a blissful weekend

the seventy tree said...

I have that puzzle from my childhood and I adore it. I hope you can restore it ok. It has been greatly loved by my daughter and I hope the love continues for years to come! Your weekend sounds wonderful...and you find the best things!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, that elephant!

lauren said...

oh! that wood box! my husband loves little boxes and LOVES swallows, I must show it to him!

Margaret said...

Those are all lovely finds. Especially the swallows.