Monday, 15 June 2009

Weekend Finds

Goodbye weekend, hallo week!

We had a fun time despite postponing our camping trip due to supposed inclement weather. On Saturday we went with some friends to a Steiner Fair in pretty Totnes.

The school was mind-bogglingly perfect with many outdoor play areas, a vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, pigs, bees, hens and lots of happy children scampering about freely. It sort of reminded me of bits of the festival at Glastonbury.

Iris and Ollie watched archery, tried out some mini stilts, sniffed roses and in Iris's case, stroked a pig (she loved that, 'Hello pig! I'm Iris!). So we didn't make it into Totnes as we'd planned, so no Revival (amazing tiny little vintage clothes shop - no website sadly) for us but next time...
It was a lovely and inspiring day.

Oh, that bottom left photograph is so quintessentially Iris. She's such an irresistible cheeky miss.

Then yesterday, an epic challenge of four carboot sales!
As it was, I made it to two, we might've made it to three (four being an impossible dream), had it not been for getting a puncture on the way back and then being stuck in a lay by for two hours as Paul heaved and wrenched the old and seemingly immovable tyre off and put the new one on. Argh.

But despite all of that, I still have a big pile of things to show you... Shall we begin?

Three lovely polka dot beakers. The light shines through the dots and they really glow.

Bright red bottle holder.

An owl tile for hanging on the wall.

An another Avon perfume bottle. I love the metal head. The perfume is called 'Charisma' and smells pretty awful.

Simple and sweet little bird for hanging someplace.

A pair of cross-stiched pictures. A girl and a boy. The girl is the best one.

A bright little rose covered tin, it has loveliest bottom, it's bright yellow.

I bought this - 'vowel sounds snap game' from a woman who used to be a teaching assistant 'a long time ago', I like the font and simple unfussy illustrations.

And this one 'modern picture/word making cards' - with only about four colours used, it's very pleasing and un-garish. They'd look really sweet framed, don't you think?

A super-glamourous necklace for me ( but it might go in the shop at a later date). The man selling it wanted a ridiculous amount for it, but with some stiff and persuasive chat from me, it was mine for a mere fraction. Ha! The photos don't do it justice. It's chainmail-ish and slippy and quite sexy.

(Pause for breath) Golly, I think the rest will have to spill over into another post...

Oh and I can't stop listening to this especially tricky tricky - of course that's because it's featuring Karin from The Knife again. Love.


Flora said...

Oh the snap game and word making cards are sublime. A bit dick bruna or bruno munari i think. They'd look amazing framed...far too lovely for little hands i'm sorry to say!

lauren said...

Looks like MY kind of good time!

Jane O Sullivan said...

I like the tin best, I used to have some of those beakers , they are from the 50;s, you had fun

Kaylovesvintage said...

love the polka dots,,are they from the 50??

Anna Betts said...

Ooh nice! Particularly the educational cards and the owl tile. God I love owls! And I'm with you on Royksopp xx

Laura said...

Revival is such a good shop. I miss it up here on the North shore.

Conversation Pieces said...

brill finds as always. love the cross-stitch girl :)