Thursday, 11 June 2009

Another Week

This week has been very busy, what with launching the shop, and going to a new parent toddler group - we made leaf boats! They set sail next week!

And yesterday, a day trip to the city. We met up with Katie (who, by the way, has just taken some very beautiful fashion-y photographs) and her two girls and spent the whole day in the pursuit of fun.

Firstly we had a picnic in the park. I love going to parks, every one is different. This one had a giant sand pit with a big slide and swings in it. I think every city should have one like that, giant sand pits are fun. The girls all played really nicely, which meant we could enjoy the windy sunshine and eat popcorn.

Then we took tea at the lido. I had a pot of the most delicious rose tea (a departure from my usual camomile) with a pair of cupcakes to share with Iris - one vanilla, the blonde sponge full of tiny black dots of vanilla and one strawberry crumble cupcake. I always forget that strawberries really work in a cake, and I must try to recreate them, as they were so delicious.

The lido has been recently and beautifully renovated, so there it was, an oasis of tranquil calm, until all three girls started splashing (fully clothed) at the gently lapping edge of the infinity pool. They got totally and thoroughly soaked, and had to be rounded up and marched out before we received a lifetime ban*. (*the staff are very friendly and weren't at all disapproving, but still..)

Other highlights included a speedy lone trip round an Oxfam bookshop (came away with a healthy pile - will share them soonest), a big bowl of slippery noodles for supper, and then seeing a fox stalk across the road on our journey home - he had his supper firmly gripped in his jaws; a plump rabbit no less.

Tomorrow may bring a camping trip and then after the weekend, I must turn my attention to getting my swap parcels in the post (finally).

Thank you for all your wonderful glad tidings for the future of le petit boutique. It's been quite nerve-wracking thus far, I haven't made a single sale yet (eeeeek), so fingers crossed things pick up soon. I am intending to change the stock frequently and in time to add some things I've made as well. As ever your feedback is welcome, welcome, welcome.

Happy weekend everyone.


Laura said...

Nath what a lovely few days you have had. the boat looks like such fun and the lido looks exquisite. Plus thanks for sharing Katie's photo's they are beautiful and I really love them. Looking forward to the swap, I am still beavering away merrily collecting things! Have a lovely weekend.

The Topiary Cow said...

Have to say, leaf boats are the most charming new thing this Topiary has come across for ages!

Thanks for the beauteous photos!


louloulovesbooks said...

It all sounds very much like summery fun...isn't it gorgeous at the moment? Long may it last. Strawberries are delicious cooked, have you tried a rhubarb and strawberry crumble or muffin? The best combination!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for your comment nath x
yes tis me with the flowers,
I will post photos of my show soonest(I stole "soonest" of you dear ! )
Hey , be patient ,your shop will get going ,just keep the faith,always believe and enjoy the play element,tweeking etc......and all of a sudden ....whoosh ! it will arrive (promise) x