Monday, 27 July 2009

Epic Weekend Finds - Part One

So, to recap this weekend, I went to the flea market, my favourite vintage clothes shop, a carboot sale and two fetes. A lot of opportunity for thrifting. Which, of course, I took full advantage of. And on reflection, I think we might have to do this in two parts...

Lovely buttons - aren't these two colors great together?

A majestic golden stag.

And a wooden moose.

Jigsaws for the shop - which I will be updating this week. There, I've said it so now I have to do it.

A sweet sad-faced doll, her neck is a bit floppy so she clearly needs a lot of tlc. Iris named her Radley this morning.

An earthenware bowl, I imagine myself making mayonnaise or some such in it.

Pot holders..

Clip-on tiny candle holders for a Christmas tree. Aren't they darling?

And still to come - books (a huge pile), the dress and other spoils from the vintage dress shop.

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Kickcan and Conkers said...

Fabulous finds - I haven't been to a carboot sale or fete in England for years. I miss jumble sales and coffee mornings. Do you still have them?

artycho said...

Great finds! Love the buttons and feel a bit sorry for the sad rag doll!

thedoglived said...

Hi Nath
The moose is just about the most beautiful thing I have seen in ages, HINT, HINT, HINT,seriously I am smitten.

Grace said...

Oooh I love the moose...He is such a fantastic shape...very majestic. Good finds Nath...x

littlebyrd said...

You know I love to see it all - these are great! I love the sad faced doll and that you called her cute. I have thousands of buttons, all organized in little tins and jars.

Hannah said...

Oooh the words epic' and 'part one' got me so excited! I love it when you find such a good haul that you need to spread it over 2 posts! what lovely stuff too!!! wow wow!

Fine Little Day said...

Great finds, again Nath. The puzzle is my favorite here.

P.s. thank you for your sweet comment on d*s.

Fine Little Day said...

Didin´t realize that it was two puzzles. They both looks yummie, but it was the "Jingles" puzzle I meant in the first place :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

....that is SO NOT FAIR :( !!
I get one carboot here a month ,
and no, absolutely no other fleas , vintage shops etc...I guess thats why I have had to make my market stall like what I,d like to see here !...I'll tell you about it one day :)...may post a few images up

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

That was certainly epic! I love the look of Costume Dolls of the World. xx

la casita de wendy said...

Beautiful goodies:)
i love the wooden moose!!