Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Epic Weekend Finds - Part Two

And here we are again. Part Two! Jeepers, I am buying so much stuff. It's actually a tiny bit scary.

I got a sizable pile of books at the carboot sale. Some real gems. Let's have a look. Three more for the Library of The Future.

I love the cover of Danny Fox. A lot.

Then there's this one, The Princess Well-I-May by Pamela Oldfield and Glenys Ambrus, published in 1979.

Glenys Ambrus is married to Victor G Ambrus, who is a favourite illustrator of mine. You can see some examples of his work, here. I think their styles are really similar, which is interesting. The girls are always very pretty with pinked cheeks and rosebud mouths. But I can't seem to find out much about them online.

Or what about this one? Animal Tricks by Brain Wildsmith, published in 1980. He's another illustrator I always look out for. His animal drawings are really beautiful and I especially love the bear with the heart-shaped face.

And that is really only the very tip of the book mountain! But if I don't stop here, this post will go on for miles and miles. More books at a later date. Inevitably.

And so to the fashion part of the proceedings. I got two scarves, a pair of shoes, two dresses, a top, a necklace and a bag. See? Scary.

This is a cute stripy boxy top which looks nice tucked into some trousers, the necklace find is the long red one, the other one, (which you might only just be able to make out) is my most favourite in the world. Made by me from an old earring and a found stag charm.

Here's the dress, (well one of them, the other is navy chiffon with a necktie, it's huge but has potential ), this one is linen and fits really nicely, a perfect day dress. For when it finally stops raining.

Cute cotton scarves x2.

Black and brown leather bag. I'm not sure about this. But I think it could work with the right outfit.

Pearlescent peeptoe shoes. Cute and a little too small for me. For the shop.

So, do I have some kind of crazy vintage buying sickness or what? I have lots more (actually non vintage related) to show and tell. So much so that I have been making a list! I'll do my best to post a bit more this week.


Jenny S said...

oooh lovely finds! The animal tricks are quite amazing! xo

Laura said...

Yep getting a bit scary. I too have the bug and have decided that there is no point in fighting it. Such wonderful finds as always. I love 'The Princess well I may' illustrations. I notice that the sheep look particularly friendly!

St├ęphanie said...

Oh !
So lovely !

Kaylovesvintage said...

your shop looks great, lot's of cool vintage

Hannah said...

Oh! Those dresses!!! Super super cute- and i LOVE those shoes. What brilliant finds- seriopusly jelous!!!

(oh and thanks to you I am currently dreaming of bell tents. seriously. Saving pennies right now so i can buy one soon! Thanks for the link!)

Jane O Sullivan said...

look dearest , its like this
someone has to keep the economy going and you are doing it in a creative , green and inspiring way.
....i.e R.E.C.Y.C.Y.L.I.N.G
so no worries mate (as they say somewhere , I am not sure )
You do it , others just wish.....
Yay , for nathxx
( the way , I,d love that animal book , if you feel overwhelmed by my glowing comments :) xxx )
hee hee !

littlebyrd said...

I have the sickness too! I just can't stop. I love that stripe top you got. I found a Dr. Doolittle for Oliver a few weeks ago and he looooves it!