Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Fleamarkets Finds and Other Trifling Matters..

So, I thought I'd show you in a bit more detail what I found in my frenzied half hour at the bootsale on Sunday.

Oh! and I also wanted to tell you that my shoes from this post are featured on Laura's great blog, Glue + Glitter, do go over and have a look! Thanks Laura!

Right, so where were we? Well, I got a great haul of books, including ten for 10p each, which might be my new favourite price to pay for something.

Amongst them, were three AA Milne books, The House At Pooh Corner, When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six, all republished in 1971 by Methuen. Now it is easy to forget, given the ubiquity of ghastly Disney-fied merchandise and general Pooh overkill, just how lovely the illustrations by E H Shepard are, but they're so evocative of childhood freedom and play, and I certainly never tire of them..

I especially like Christopher Robin's clothes, proper knitted jerseys, shorts, and round-toed buckled leather shoes.

I also found some sweet things for Iris - look at this little shoulder bag! I also have one just like it (but bigger of course!)

And a little wonky basket for doll's laundry.

And this little Duck cup - but she has so many little cups that this will end up in the shop no doubt.

Then there are these two bird coat hangers, not that I think you could hang any clothes on them, but I had to buy them for their sheer birdness and simplicity. I will hang them somewhere permanent, soon.

I also got some 'entirely British' buttons.

And lastly I can't stop looking at this beautiful card that Katie sent.

It's by Lucie Sheridan, she has a shop here. It's flaming my desire to do some printmaking, I can tell you! That's my autumn plan if I can make some more money from my shop, so go buy things! Tell your friends!


Glueandglitter said...

Love that last card! I'm going to check out Lucie.

Speaking of Pooh, I was never into Pooh as a child but my great grandmother bought me a huge book of all the stories and poem. I never read any of it. But sometime about a year ago I was searching through my bfs old books and came across Pooh in paperback, which I started to read and I couldn't put it down! The stories are so sweet and enchanting, a really perfect gentle read. I hope everyone reads pooh.

Laura said...

I so heart that bag. x

littlebyrd said...

This is always so fun seeing what you found! I love the Pooh books - LOVE!

Natalie said...

I love the silhouette artwork - just the right motif for a lovely cushion!
When I lived in the UK on a working holiday visa I loved my visit to Brighton - Queen Victoria's Indian Palace was quite strange, yet wonderfully entertaining. Thank you for the revisit!

Tant Grön said...

Lovely hangers :-)

Hannah said...

Those bird hangers are great, I've never seen anything like them before.

Fine Little Day said...

I like the little bag.

Kylie said...

Such cute finds! (I had a shoulder bag just like that many many years ago!) :) K

louloulovesbooks said...

Je suis desole {if my schoolgirl French serves me well}
I did leave a comment at Artemis that was meant for you! Did you read it? It said, I'm glad you got the book, and thanks for the link to the photo x
I can only blame it on the excitement of a Friday afternoon.