Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Super-Nice Time

So many super-nice things happened this weekend, I wrote a list! Here are 10 good things about my weekend.

1) Larking about on the beach with Iris and some friends.

2) Flowers grown by friends.

3) An unexpected parcel of magic from Katie.

4) A stolen day of electronic music, for Paul and I, at the Loop Festival in Brighton. In the drizzle, Brighton was the epitome of faded seaside glamour.

5) Delicious sushi here.

6) Discovering a new band to love, We Have Band. Check them out here and be sure to listen to their cover of West End Girls!

7) Seeing Fever Ray (aka Karin from The Knife) headline said music festival. She played her set in almost complete darkness, with flickering table lamps, incense, dry ice, shamanic costumes, face paint and incredible lasers. Spooky, exciting and one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Quite a spectacle.

8) A surprisingly successful car boot sale haul, given I turned up half an hour before the end. (More of that later).

9) A proper summer fete, with table tops sales, cider, cream teas, bunting and very very good cake.

10) Bringing home some lovely things from the fete, including this pull-along clown (seem to have a circus-y thing going on right now) and two outrageously chocolatey brownies made by these clever people.

So much fun crammed into a tiny space of time! Lovely, but boy, am I tired!


Kylie said...

Lovely weekend. I wish we had the same quality of goodies at car boot sales and fetes that you obvious have! Great haul! :) K

littlebyrd said...

I was just thinking that! How did they do so much in just a couple of days??!! It sounds wonderful :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

yay !! for fun weekends
lovely positive post nath♡♡(brighton can't beat it huh ?
I had a fantastic ,rather manic "cleaning up around the house/garden weekend"
....saw a large dragonfly,some wild scabious...... and my little wren friend...the girls have been baking 24/7 and I am reading and doodling and drinking tea...all really magical things..
.just going to dive into a chocalate brownie cake ! that my eldest daughter has made :)

Anna Betts said...

Looks like a bumper weekend! I must ask, what is that most beautiful book from Katie with the horse on it? I think I love it, a lot.
I've decided to stick with turquoise stuff for my collection, thanks for your advice :) I'd feel a bit cheeky asking my readers to send things to me though! Although if you're so inclined do feel free to send anything my way...obviously ;)

karly / design crisis said...

what a great weekend, and to think I spent most of mine snoozing on the couch!

mieke willems said...

love those books ! will keep an eye on your shop!!!