Tuesday, 21 July 2009

May I Present...

Pah, it's still raining here. And I can feel myself getting more despondent by the minute. Can that really be it for our summer? Surely not.

So it's a very good job that sweet Zoe from the excellent
Conversation Pieces, stepped in with a pair of very cheering awards. Phew. Thank you Zoe, you're very kind and I think I might be blushing.

This is the sun, to serve as a reminder, to myself mostly. It's from But Where Is The Green Parrot? A lovely book by Thomas & Wanda Zacharias.

So without further ado, here they are -

I'd like to pass them on to these nice blogs that have me in turn captivated and enthralled.

Found, Now Home - Leigh shares a love of vintage, she finds wonderful things, I mean really wonderful things. I'd like to go thrifting with her, oh yes.

gemma correll and her merry band of misfits - Lots to love here, fun, crazy, mad illustrations, I think she's very clever.

Hello Mr Fox - Aside from the amazingly good name, Hannah has wonderful vintage sensibilities and a very good eye.

Hiccupings - Go here to see beautiful textiles, new and old and riotous unabashed colour, all very well curated by Natalie. (Who is also very nice).

Le blog de Stephanie - Elegant musings, pretty craft and vintage fashion.

Lastly, Oh, French - Pearls, lace, braids and lovely ethereal photographs - what's not to like?

Hope you find something new to read, love and enthrall.


littlebyrd said...

Much deserved awards for you! I love your blog. I also can't wait to check out these other. I love Leigh's and she is the one who told me about you so now I can go look at these others and I bet I find something good ;)
I hope your rain goes away. I think it will. We had overcast and cool for weeks and now it is hot hot hot. Perhaps it will flow your way soon.

gemma correll said...

Hello! Well, thank you for that :)
and yes, I can definately purchase you something nice in that shop, I didn't know about it until you wrote that comment so looking forward to going there... any more specific requests?

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh nathy ....these are lovely lovely blogs ..
.thanks for sharing them , just the tonic I need..
.....but thou art more lovelier (of course snow white :)

St├ęphanie said...

Oh thank you !
You're so nice !

Natalie said...

What a lovely surprise - and congrats to you for your awards too! I will now check out your other recommendations and lose another couple of hours of work time...(sorry boss).

Katherine said...

Eeheeheehee :DD Thank you sooo much! How unexpected!
And congratulations on your awards, of course!

Leigh said...

Thanks so much!! I love your blog too! My aunt just gave me some more old children's books and I thought of you.