Monday, 20 July 2009

A Weekend Revised (And Finds)

Well, we bailed on the camping trip as the weather report was so dire and camping in the rain is hardly any fun. Never mind, we do have two or three more trips coming up and hopefully summer will resume any time now, fingers crossed.

So what did we do to fill those empty camping hours? We went to the market, where I tried on vintage dresses (all too big or too small) and bought a bunch of magnificent early dahlias.

We went for afternoon tea with Iris's grandparents. We ate delicious food - I made pesto which we had with pasta and homegrown peas, Paul made pizza and bread and banana cake. We played hide and seek and read Mr Men books.
We carbooted, I found lots of tiny curios. So it wasn't too bad really!

Here are some of the treasures, but there's more (of course); I found a whole heap of vintage baby clothes that are so darling, I'm going to be adding them to the shop as they're all too small for Iris! Pictures to follow!

A startled looking wooden bottle stopper.

Wooden dolls..

I was drawn to this little 1950s book by the bright and pretty cover.

And when I looked inside and saw this girl, I immediately handed over my 50p. Isn't she a beauty? And yes, Daughters Are The Thing.

Owls, owls, owls (well, three, although I can't find the third one).

A tiny brass ship.

An even tinier mouse with leather ears and tail. Squeak!

An apple (or pear) cutter in its original box.

Some brooches.. including some bows which I have been on the lookout for..

Crazy 1970s Irish linen tea towels, the colours are so juicily bright and the subject matter completely bonkers..

The elephant has a cold and is taking a mustard foot bath. (!)


Anonymous said...

That's a shame on the camping trip... I so having a craving to go camping at the moment (holiday fever I think!) Loving your finds – especially the cardigan holder one!

P.S. As I think your blog is extra lovely, I've give you some rather lovely awards :)

Tina said...

Hi Lovie!! thank you for all your kind words..I thought of you first when i saw that cath Kidston tent today!!! it's so beautiful and so you!!! xoxox

Hannah said...

oh no! We just got rained home early from our anniversary camping trip! you made the right decision definitely! camping in the wind and rain aint not fun!

Brilliant finds btw. Really like your blog!

louloulovesbooks said...

loving the dahlias.

Hannah said...

Also- where did you get your bell tent? It looks stunning and i really want one!

mieke willems said...

that bookcover looks great!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Yes indeed, where has summer gone, and when will it resume?

Lovely stash of treasures there, but I'm really loving your dahlias. So pretty! xx

Hannah said...

Nath! I have been googling bell tents and am not truly addicted! Do you think they would hold up in the wind (im thinking of the hurricane in wales!) now looking for a good price. That link you sent didnt work? not sure if its me being an idiot?!

thedoglived said...

What are the tea towels all about! they are bonkers and I love them.

melissa said...

beautiful finds! i especially love those brooches.
it's funny, the wooden doll with the big head you found is exactly the same as one on our mantlepiece when i was growing up. i think she had a matching boy-doll, too. and the little wooden mouse with leather tail is exactly like a little brooch that someone gave arlo last year. :)

Rebecca said...

I my lordy, that second owl, the brass one, I'm sure I have the exact same on tucked away in a box somewhere from a greek holiday when I was a kid! I'm going to have to dig that out when I'm home next!

St├ęphanie said...

Oh ! Everything is so sweet !

Jane O Sullivan said...

well its a jolly good job that you didnt go camping !
what would we have to read about !
nath your true vocation is to blog...just keep doing it and we,ll keep reading it inspiring and ,lovely to think of you ,rooting...I have my one and only carboot sale coming up this sunday
yipee ! ...
.seriously ,I do hope you get off soon :) x

Anonymous said...

I adore the wooden dolls and the startled-looking bottle stopper! I'm such a sucker...Great finds...