Thursday, 20 August 2009

Going Postal

I have been very lucky recently receiving some amazing things through the post.

First up, sweetest Gemma of gemma correll and her merry band of misfits. Gemma mentioned on her blog that she was taking part in an exhibition in Antwerp, which instantly got me thinking about Mieke Willems. So I asked Gemma to get me something (anything) if she went. And she did! A tote bag and some note paper.

But she also put a few extra unexpected treats in as well.

A tiny deer, a raccoon and baby, which are all housed in my letterpress tray.

Some postcards, a zine and some ephemera including a lovely Alice in Wonderland playing card, which Iris was utterly enchanted by.

Iris is a very big Alice fan, I am too, so as you can see I have taken temporary custody of it (hee!). I was really blown away by her kindness and thoughtfulness.

Then today, I got this exciting package from Elisabeth of fine little day. I sent Elisabeth a parcel last week, some books and a puzzle and some other small things, which I thought she might like. And she sent me, this anchor brooch (which I had bought from her shop).

And a copy of Petit magazine.

And a little book for Iris, a beautiful cloth, and two Studio Violet prints. Wow.

Super, super lucky, eh? Invisible friends are amazing.


Kylie said...

Totally amazing! Such wonderful gifts... it looks like you deserve them though :) K

Conversation Pieces said...

Oh wow... what lovely things to receive through the post!

littlebyrd said...

So fun! Isn't it wonderful to get a surprise in the mail?

Amanda Nicole said...

Lucky gal indeed! I love those anchor brooches, and all the other goodies!

Fine Little Shop said...

Nath, how nice to see that the goods reach you safe.
I´m happy for mine as well :)!

mieke willems said...

all looks nice!
it's really funny to see our bag there :)
i remember gemma in the store, she was so nice! was happy to meet her!

artemis said...

Hey lucky you! I'm gealous!

la casita de wendy said...

Beautiful gifts!! you are really lucky!!!!

Leigh said...

Getting good things in the mail is the best!

read me... said...

WOW what perfect packages... Have just visited Antwerp, you would LOVE Mieke Willems's store. It is gorgeous, even my husband had to agree.