Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Trip In Pictures

In no particular order. This was Lincolnshire.

I was going to pretend it was my house. But really it's an antique shop run by a retired couple in the old part of Lincoln. There was stuff banked up everywhere, it was extreme collecting. Everywhere you looked - stuff - not just one of any particular item but many, many, many.

Really big skies and magnificent, epic clouds.

Being free.

Pretty though utilitarian beach huts at Sutton-On-Sea

Really really enjoying a strawberry ice cream. With sand.

Packing up after an afternoon at the wide golden beach. Reminds me a little of this.

Beautiful grey (working) windmill.

Bird remains. I saw these feathers at one of the towers in Lincoln Castle (which was used as a prison in Victorian times), it was the tower where they'd take the bodies of prisoners who'd been hung for their (often petty crimes, mostly stealing cattle, yes, really) and then dissolve them in quick lime and bury them. Sorry, that was quite a lot of macabre detail. I do quite like learning about stuff like that.

Quick! Distract yourself with a lovely field full of hay.

I feel a little melancholy looking at these (and no, not because of the quick lime story), but because it's as though summer might really be over, not that the weather was really even that summery whilst we were away. And anyway, I like Autumn, but still I do feel a bit of sadness, I like the long nights and possibilities of summer.


Amanda Nicole said...

What a fantastic trip! I love the blanket shot, and the windmill, and the noir details. I would love to live in that antique shop. Do I spy a couple Beatrix Potter collections? I cherish mine :)

magnoliaamber said...

Oh your trip seems so adorable...and relaxing. I like the windmill and the last pictures best!

Hannah said...

Oh wow nath- this looks like an awesome holiday. I did not know that the coast in that area of the world was so lovely!

p.s I just got back from another camping trip and i saw about 4 bell tents! we decided to buy one for next summer!

Hannah said...

p.p.s I love that you posted pictures of the bird remains and the gory details of the history of he castle! So COOL!I hate when blogs get too enid blyton- esque 'nicey nice nice', know what i mean?

artycho said...

Lovely pics! Thanks for the Historical dark details!

littlebyrd said...

Several thoughts...lets see if I can remember them all. First: I love the picture with the picnic blanket being shook out. So pretty. Next, did you collect all those bird feathers? I would bag :) That collecting shop looks wonderful and does everything else you saw along the way. And finally: the end of summer is a bit melancholy, isn't it?

Rackk and Ruin said...

looks like such a lovely day!! and yes, i have refrained from the scissors. . . my hair already feels like it's growing out!! haha

Kaylovesvintage said...

oh yes , looks great , I would love it there

Baglady said...

I also love the macabre details. I can't watch horror films but I enjoy hearing about The Spanish Inquisition or visiting the dungeon at castles.

Love your photos! Love the clouds and the books and the hay field.

Thanks :)

nath said...

thanks everyone.

Rebekah - i didn't bag the feathers, which is unusual for me.

Hannah - you know you need a bell tent!

Bag Lady - i must confess i love horror films, and gory historical details. i am Ms Macabre.

Jenny at Dos said...

Thank you soo much for your long comment. It means so much to me. I love how you told me what you liked the best. And what made you sad. Have a great day.

Conversation Pieces said...

The ice cream and sand pic is so funny! Yeah it feels like it's turned Autumny up here over the last two days and as much as I love gloves and scarfs, I was hoping to wear my summer stuff for a bit longer!

RE your comment on my blog... I’m loving oncewed – and I can’t wait to see your wedding there!!

On the random note, I’m an ad agency copywriter – I used to freelance (more as features writer than a copywriter) but my working hours swallow up enough of my life so I don’t do that much freelancing any more (unless I quite fancy doing it). Does your husband get asked if he “copies” stuff all the time? I think some people think I’m a photocopier when I say what I do! ;)

Laura said...

Love that book room. I could lose years in there.

lyrebird said...

our sydney winter has just morphed into the most glorious spring - and that took place mid-way through winter. enjoy your cosy evenings...

chelsea said...

Ahhh. lovely.

Jane O Sullivan said...

.....super lovely post nath, really interesting.
I love , love ,love the polka dot day dress...yum , and the swim suit ,
re.wardrobe crisis ...tell me about it !
just put some things you love by for a while , they will come into their own in time , PATIENCE my dear.
Start with one piece and then build around that. x