Monday, 28 December 2009

scenes from a christmas

Lovely days blurring into one, lots of delicious food, jollity and bursts of sunshine, activity and blessed inactivity.

After watching Grey Gardens (the hbo version) on Christmas Day, I have a full-scale obsession blooming. Drew was fabulous as Little Edie.

It made me very happy, curling up with a glass of port, the fire licking away in the grate as the story unfurled. And the clothes! Ah, the clothes! The soundtrack is wonderful too, we've been listening to it nonstop since.

We're off for a couple of days now visiting family. Hope you've all had a jewel-bright Christmas.


TheMadHouse said...

What wonderful images, glad that you had a good time

Laura said...

Hello sweet girl. Such lovely family images, you look like you've had a wonderful Christmas too. And what a year we have had! I never expected to make such amazing connections with people through blogging, but I'm very, very pleased I have. Wishing you a magical time with your family and a very special and happy year to come. Lots of love, Laura

mieke willems said...

love drew!
merry x-mas nath and already a happy new year!

Annie said...

so glad you reminded us about that movie, i forgot i wanted to see it. so glad you had a good christmas, i love your silver crown and Iris's delightful dress and kitchen set! have a fun family time!

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely , lovely nath , you all look great , the little cooker and pots omg ! ...I bet she loved them , that film is intriguing me , something in my mind , I am trying to know , a connection ,I meant to look into
good luck for the new year nath x

Fine Little Day said...

Oh Drew she´s gorgeous. Looks like you had a nice Christmas. Happy new years eve Nath!

la casita said...

ciao! nice to "meet you" have a happy 2010...thanks for visiting