Monday, 19 April 2010

Bumper Bootsale Bounty

This is just gonna be a quicky, I have caught a tummy bug from darling Iris and am feeling distinctly washed out. Blee.

However, I just had to drop in to show you the HUGE score I had yesterday. Shoes! Books! A teapot! Toys! Records! A sewing Box! Kaleidoscope! A lampshade! Tablecloth! SO much more!

I am buying with such gusto because of a vintage/flea market that I am doing at the end of May (more of that soon) which I am SO excited about.

Which means that some of these lovely things might not reach the shop, but if anyone sees anything they fancy then just drop me a note in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Speaking of comments, thank you to everyone who gave me their input with regard to comment etiquette.

Anyway, feast your eyes!


D&D said...

treasure trove for sure!!!!
i adore those childrens books.

Anna Betts said...

Ha! It's like my past is catching up with you! I had that tape recorder, the sewing box, the Shirley Hughes book and those wooden toys! That children's printing book looks rather fascinating too..... Hope you feel better tomorrow Mrs. :)

la casita said...

ah ah...we have the same doll (i have the entitre family with dog and cat!), lampshade and as you told me the same rocker chair :)))
get well soon ^.^

Francesca said...

oh yes, loving the green tea pot and the figgjo plaque. and that blondie album is still a winner. x

Laura said...

What a completely fabulous haul Nath. I think it must be your best one yet. I am especially loving the books. how on earth did you manage to get it all back home. I bet your arms were aching. L x

Lovely World said...

The yard sales are starting up here, but I haven't been yet. Thanks for reminding me of the treasures that can be found. Hope you are feeling better!

Francesca said...

p.s. i know you saw this place on kerry's blog:

but wanted to let you know i thought it had nath written all over it!

p.s in my head i call you 'nathe' but since you are a natalie it may be 'nat'. put me out of my misery please, i ought to know your name by now!

p.p.s if it is 'nat' it's too late, you will always be 'nathe' to me!

Flora said...

super haul! i have missed your finds over the dreary winter months...

I have to confess to also being confused as to how to pronounce Nath....I think i probably call you NatalieandIris in my head.

Hannah said...

I LOVE it when you come home after a car boot, arms aching from all the finds you're carrying. That must've have been a good day.