Friday, 16 April 2010

More Finds.. And Other Business..

It's Friday already! How did that happen? Cripes.

Anyway, here are some more of my recent finds.

Iris and I had a little trawl round the junk and charity shops today! Here's what we found...

A giant silk scarf.

A neat basket which would make a perfect summer handbag.

Nicely packaged knitting needles, tricolour ribbons, and a sweet needlecase complete with needles.

And a nice red leather case for my new sunglasses.

Whilst we were in my favourite vintage clothes shop, she had fun trying on vintage shoes while I rummaged through rails of dresses. She's a good shopping companion, I am training her to be quite the vintage aficionado! I rewarded her with strawberries.

Earlier this week Iris and I visited with my dear friend Katie and her girls. We went to their new house for the first time and I took some photographs, it's lovely.

So much to look at, to covet and coo over. I might post some more if Katie lets me!

Now before you go, if you have a look here, you can see what else Alessandra won in my grand bonanza giveaway. And if you look here, you can see something I sent to my blogger friend Anna in Australia. And if you look here, you can see that one of my cushion covers for envelop was featured on Dwell (this is something I have been meaning to post about for aaaaages, whoops).

Oh, and one last thing - I love getting comments (who doesn't?) but find it hard to find a way to respond to them within the confines of blogger - I could reply here, but who checks back after leaving a comment? Or I could (as I endeavour to do) leave a comment on the person's blog. Neither of those options are that great though.

What do you think about having the comments answered in the following blog post a la Anabela at Fieldguided or Mette at Ungtblod? Your thoughts, as ever, are most most welcome. Thank you.

Well now, have a super weekend!


TheMadHouse said...

The comments thing was why I moved to Intense Debate on my blog. Oh and I am very, very envious of the caster sugar jar

She Draws said...

I always leave comments on other peoples blogs if they leave a question on mine. It is a little awkward but fun all the same.

Love the finds, especially the wicker bag. I love wicker bags.

nath said...

Jen! Intense Debate? what is Intense Debate? i notice you can't leave comments over at yours anymore! and the caster sugar shaker is headed for the shop...

Laura, that bag is destined for the shop, oh yes!

Alex said...

Love the font of the 'caster sugar' container! Looks like I have some shopping competition...

And comments... hmmm... I don't have half as many as you have to deal with but if someone leaves a generic comment (ie "this is nice") then I will go to their blog and leave a similar message...

If someone asks a question I answer it on the post if it's post specific or on their blog if not...

I think the point of comments, apart from saying how much we like / agree / understand a post is to encourage vistors back to our own blogs and if we are desperate to read your response to something specific we can click back to the comments or subscribe to the post - i don't think there's any need to incorporate them into the post like your examples? Just my opinion though!

mama bear said...

Hi Nath! Love the picture of Iris with the strawberry. Everytime I see a cute little girl my heart sings to think my little newborn will grow into a walking, talking person soon.

Also love the scarf.

And I've often wondered about the etiquette of comments on here. I've just been leaving replies on other peoples blogs. That way I know they'll see it.


la casita said...

Oh I love your vintage findings...
he he he, I train my daughter as well with vintage shopping!
About comments i found that people do come back to read if you answered to their comments, so what I do is pretty straightforward, they comment and I answer on the same site!
but sometimes I reply with emails.
I consider the blogosphere a very interactive place, where people socialize, exchange,find like minded people.
It's important to me to dedicate attention and time to those who are so kind to leave a comment and make the blog alive! To let them know that I care for them and I listen to them.
One way blogging is not my cup of tea!

Francesca said...

hmmm...i like seeing that reply section as demonstrated on those blogs but you can't see the questions. and if someone is coming back to the blog to see an answered comment, they may as well come back to the comments section, it's only one extra click. there are some blogs where after you leave a comment you can tick a box for an email notification when someone else comments. but then you get EVERYONE's comments and not just the reply. bla bla bla, this is fascinating isn't it! anyhoo, i end up doing something very silly which is replying on my blog, then going to their blog to tell them i've replied on my blog.
there must be a better way!
p.s. caster sugar jug, oh yes.

Laura said...

I read this and thought this is a great question and then found that 'The Mad house' had answered you. And is her name Jen? Wow I love that blog Nath and have wanted to know what the lovely lady's name is. AND I want to comment over there, but can't. What is intense debate I am so very confused.

I always come back and check the comments. I like it. I think it adds another dimension to the blog and it is always interesting to find out what other people think.

The red leather glass case. Beautiful how the leather looks so worn and soft.

Love Laura x

p.s. thought about you a lot over the last few days and the conversations we would have about this strange place I find myself in. Carbon consumption indeed. Really missing the simplicity of home, but yes maybe a bigger trip will have to be planned, especially as I think our accommodation runs out on Thursday. x

mise said...

I'm late to the dilemma! Yes, responding to comments is the eternal question, thoughtfully treated here:

I don't know the answer myself, but I comment as the whim takes me, especially if it distracts me from something I should be doing instead.

HannahB said...

Im am late too! I had a look at the blogs you posted and i think its a good idea, but in reality i think i would scroll over them in order to get to the content the author had written. Although in saying that, I always read the comments on someone like Mise's blog because they are always hilarious, so i guess it depends on the content of the comment?

I try to leave a comment and say what I think whenever i visit a blog, and not just a gratuitous 'thats nice' , but soemthing meaningful. I think if you like what someone has posted its nice to say so, and say why too, but easier said than done sometimes. Am i going off topic?!

I also love the picture of iris. You and Iris make me really quite broody actually! I cant wait for my own little girlies (or boylies, for that matter- if I am lucky enough to have them) so i can train them in vintage shopping, charity shop rumaging and the art of chic camping too!