Monday, 12 April 2010

SO many finds, so LITTLE time

I am chasing my tail at the moment - Iris is on holiday, she doesn't go back to kindergarten until next week. And LORDY! Am I behind? YES! I haven't even had time to make any lists! CRIKEY!

*(What you see in that photograph above is a very nice notebook (thanks N & N) but it's a photograph of fake productivity, it's empty, save the first page which has been (sweetly) defaced by Iris).

*Although Alessandra and Louise, your prizes are now, finally, in the post (so I did achieve something last week)*

And everywhere I look (on blogs obv, less so in real life, ha ha) I see achievement and progress and creativity and well, it's putting me into a curious state of panicky inertia. Argh. Sorry to bang on.

Anyway, I have had some success at the carboot sale(s). Some great books, buttons, brooches, bags (and other things not beginning with B).

Here's the first thing, I though he was rather sweet and funny and friendly-looking.

That's all for now, back tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Whitney said...

I feel like i have been less-than-productive as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

Anna Betts said...

Don't sweat it, I feel like I've been running on the spot all day but have almost zero uni work to show for it. Can't wait to see your car booty as and when. I think this little chap has something of the French perv about him, non? Those eyebrows speak a thousand words!

la casita said...

Hey Nath, don't worry the panicky inertia is the part before "the crazy frenzy restlessly urge to create and what the heck forget about chores just chuck something in the oven 'cause I'm busy creating!" stage!!!
I managed to do something BEFORE Anita started the holidays...
thanks for the prize really looking forward to it!!!

suzie said...

everyone in blogland may seem busy, busy but it's just a trick to make you feel bad! Ignore them, I do otherwise I'm overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy!

Laura said...

How very odd to come across this! I have one of your funny, rather sweet looking little round men. He was one of my first toys, my mother bought him new from Hamleys in 1982. Here is my daughter playing with him:
Lovely blog.