Friday, 30 April 2010

Craft Time-Travel

Here we are, the end of another week. And almost the beginning of May!! I can't quite believe it.

I have a very busy few days ahead with a protest march to attend, sewing and baking to do for our kindergarten open day, perhaps a carboot sale if I can squeeze it in (I'll try, I'll try!), four birthdays to prepare for, and a birthday party to go to on Monday. Gulp.

So, naturally, instead of working methodically through my to-do list, I am distracting myself by doing this and photographing my brooch collection in homage to this...*

Speaking of time, do you think they had more of it in the 1970s?
Well, of course, there was no distraction via the internet. *stunned silence* Instead it seems, people (women?) put their minds to learning such things as how to make a buttoned headboard, or how to decorate with nails, or how to sew suede**.

All this according to one of my latest acquisitions, several parts of the Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Crafts, which was published in 1975, in *98* handy weekly installments.

Wow. Can I become one of these women, who uses 'her oven to cure plastic enamel'? It seems unlikely. And for that I am sad.

I will show you some more of the projects covered another day, it's funny, most of them are quite of the moment - paper cuts! patchwork! crochet! decorating with nails! (okay, not that last one).. It's like Design Sponge in magazine format!

I will be making Iris a feather head-dress (perfect for camping!) although probably not this weekend - watch this space!

* Can't show you this yet, the photographs were terrible, so here is another gratuitous blossom shot.

**If you wish to become an expert in any of the aforementioned areas then leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.


Becky said...

Totally intrigued by decorating with nails now (not in any serious way mind, as I'm assuming it means hammering them into wood into patterns, and hammering and I don't go so well together...)!

Zoƫ said...

I'm sure they did! No bloody internet to distract them :P

Francesca said...

oh my goodness, iris is going to love that headband. has she had one before? i have a vague memory. i think you should make it your business to collect all 98.

ringmaster said...

oh i think i need to make a couple of those feathered headbands! i enlarged the image and i think i can see the directions!!! fun fun fun

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello nath ****
I see you like **** at the mo , love this post (classic nath) ....absolute brillness ...I can see why you like that girls broaches ........ her shoes (sigh)

jane said...

Oh brilliant,I love old craft books. I got some really fun ones via Freecycle a few months ago, from wartime. I love them and all the insight they give into the lifestyle at the time.
Imagine a time without the internet..... yikes.

at swim-two-birds said...

wow, i love seventies magazines, what a treasure you got here!!